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HC Past Series

S5 E02

s5e2S5 E2 (15 Oct 02) : Depths of Devotion by Stuart Morris

Episode Summary

Jess happily greets a new patient, 17 year old Ronnie whose had a skateboard accident. While the pair are chatting away, Ronnie collapses and a bewildered Jess looks on while they attempt to resuscitate her, but unfortunately she’s declared brain dead.

Meanwhile on Darwin, Ed is getting close with a young boxer. Ed is concerned that his condition is deteriorating and that soon it’ll be too late. Diane tells him about the skater on AAU, and Ed looks hopeful that she could be a possible donor.

Danny persuades Diane to get involved with a patient with bruising who looks like her husband has beat her. Danny refuses to get involved, but won’t let it drop. He says she should try and help, and tells her about what his mum suffered. Diane is surprised but snaps that she’s had to be in control of her life.

Ben is happy as he believes he’s in chance of getting a promotion. The patient, who ends up having twins, is bolshy and Mubbs believes she’s on drugs. Mubbs says they should call social services but Ben thinks he can get through to her by himself. But later Ben finds her unconscious and in the toilets and admits his mistakes and Mubbs is far from impressed. Mubbs tells Ben his promotion chances have decreased and he’s furious with him!

Danny speaks to the patient’s boyfriend, who confesses that the patient harms herself, he’s got nothing to do with it! Danny tells Diane that he believes him, but Diane’s spoken to Rosie and believes her. Danny goes to check on the battered woman, an essential tube has been pulled out, she’s in a bad way.

Diane still believes that the boyfriend did this, and goes after him but he angrily slaps Diane. When Danny finds this out, he attacks the man and tells him that he can’t attack Danny’s girlfriend as well as his own. Diane arrives and begs Danny to stop. Diane tells Danny that if she can do that to that man, what’s to stop him from doing it to her? Danny is shocked that she thinks that.

Ed goes against hospital rules and tells Veronica’s mother that the transplant recipient is in the hospital. Veronica’s mum visits him and changes her mind. After the operation goes succesfully, Tom realises how much pressure Ed put on Veronica’s mother. He tells him that he’s not a man to be crossed, and is very angry. He says that they were friends, but if he continues to cross the line then he’ll wish they’ve never met.


– Ronny (Veronica) falls off skateboard and blacks out and is brought into AAU. She collapses and is declared brain dead and her organs are used for another patient.

– Abbie Smith is pregnant with twins. The second baby (a boy) has difficulty breathing and it becomes clear that she is a drug addict. She later abandons her baby after extensive pressure is put on her.

– Rosie falls down some stairs and has excessive bruisings. Diane suspects that her boyfriend is responsible, when in fact she does it herself to stop him leaving her.


First Scene/words

[Jess and a porter are pushing a patient, Veronica (Ronny) Lester, in a wheelchair.]

Jess: Can you stop fidgeting, you’re gonna get me into trouble.

Last Scene/words

Ed: I’m sorry.

Tom: Don’t you forget exactly what I’ve done for you, apart from everything else you wouldn’t even be a registrar, if I hadn’t fast tracked you. Now we may be friends, but don’t you ever step over that line professionally again.

Ed: I understand.

Tom: Oh good. Good, because there may be other consultants stupid enough to go the board for the registrars. But, please don’t confuse me with one of them. And if you’re ever, ever, even think about pulling this on us again, you’ll be wishing that you and I never met, are we clear?

Ed: It’s clear.

Guide by Sophs & Karin.

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