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HC Past Series

S5 E22

s5e22S5 E22 (4 Mar 03) : When That Shark Bites by Johanne McAndrew

Episode Summary

An aptly named episode as in the very first scene Tom is singing along to ‘When that shark bites’ in his car. He appears to be in an extremely cheerful mood and spends his day waltzing round Darwin Ward humming and making droll comments to his staff. After asking Alex to kindly move out of his office, and suggesting that he share with Ric Griffin, Ed questions him about his return to work after just a month in rehab. Tom informs Ed that the rehab is going well and that he woke up this morning and felt like coming into work. He is still not ready to operate on patients but it quite prepared to catch up on paperwork and proceeds to upset Alex and Ed by shifting patient appointments around so that they are both over worked.

When Alex questions Ed about Tom’s absence, he clearly doesn’t believe Ed’s explanation of a stomach ulcer bought on by stress, and they bicker once again with Ed bringing up Alex’s loyalty to Mr Meyer. Despite their dislike of one another, Tom thinks that Ed will benefit from watching Alex in action and so Ed assists Alex in a routine operation on forty-four year old, Cherry Hunter. Cherry is a woman who is besotted with looking her best at all times and keeps in shape by dieting and regular gym workouts. After suffering from a heart murmur as a child she had no other problems until collapsing from a heart attack now.

Alex believes that their work is done after just forty-five minutes in theatre but when taken off of by-pass Cherry begins to bleed from the back of her heart; Alex has no idea how to stop this after various attempts to repair it fail. Ed suggests that he ask Tom for advice and Tom, still humming cheerily, enters the theatre to advise Alex. After results from a test show that Cherry has low protein levels in her body, Tom comes to the conclusion that she has been taking slimming pills and these, combined with the strain on her heart from exercising, have caused her heart to weaken and immediately tells Alex how to repair the damage.

After surgery Tom congratulates Alex on a job well done and then goes to visit Cherry. He sympathises with her about her addiction to looking attractive but warns her that if she continues with her lifestyle she won’t live to see fifty. Alex is annoyed with Tom for consulting with his patient and Tom reveals to him that he is actually a recovering alcoholic and thought that his experience with addiction might help in this case. Alex tells Tom that he is there if he ever needs his help.

Elsewhere on Darwin Ward, Chrissie is searching through CCTV footage in an attempt to catch the thief. Sandy is becoming increasingly worried that she will be caught now that Chrissie is on the case, but is under pressure from Sean to steal more money for him. Chrissie warns both Sean and Sandy that they cannot be together at work but Sean still lurks around outside and keeps on bullying Sandy to get him more money.

Meanwhile on Maternity, Josie Wallace is under observation after experiencing stomach cramps and bleeding during the night. She is twenty weeks pregnant and her husband is away on business. Her tale of how she first met her husband gets Lisa thinking about her and Mubbs and she confides in Chrissie that she is falling for him after all of his support during her dad’s illness and death. Josie suddenly feels pain again and her waters break; she is in labour. Mubbs informs her that her cervix is too weak to support a full-term pregnancy and that there is nothing they can do for her baby; it is impossible to stop labour and there is no chance of it surviving once it’s born.

Josie refuses to accept that her baby won’t live and blames herself because she had an abortion when she was younger. Lisa tries to comfort her and is obviously affected as it reminds her of her own situation when she was younger. Once her husband, Aiden, arrives he convinces her that there was nothing she could do to prevent this and Josie gives birth to their daughter, Macy.

Having to deal with such a heartbreaking case is bad enough for Ben but at the same time he has Tony ringing him every five minutes and his ex, John, keep turning up to see him. Lisa envies Ben’s domestic home life with Tony and warns him to stay away from John. Ben tells John that he is living with Tony and that he loves him, but John isn’t convinced. After a few harsh words on the phone to Tony, Ben decides to go out for the night with John after all.

Kath turns up at the hospital to give Lisa her father’s personal belongings but Lisa is still bitter towards her. Before her date with Mubbs, Lisa heads up to see Chrissie and tell her how angry she is with Kath for sorting out her dad’s belongings and for daring to show her face. While she is in Chrissie’s office she notices Mubbs and Jess on the CCTV footage and realises that he isn’t as kind and caring as she had come to believe; he had slept with Jess when he was supposed to be seeing her.


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