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HC Past Series

S5 E23

s5e23S5 E23 (11 Mar 03) : One of Our Own by Leslie Stewart

Episode Summary

Starts with a flashback of the Tony and Ben fight from Saturday night, when Tony ends up falling into the quay.

Tony is taken into theatre by Ric and Diane but they cannot save his only existing kidney. Diane explains when he comes round that they need to try and find a living donor because the wait otherwise will be a long one.

The nurses on AAU are in high spirits wearing red wigs for Comic Relief and collecting money. Mubbs comes round to bug Jess about seeing her again but she refuses, she’s scared of Lisa finding out. Ric is also up on AAU treating a patient form Zimbabwe who has an absess on his arm. It’s the best he can do while he campaigns for Holby to find the funds for a much needed day unit. Tom Cambell-Gore doesn’t approve of using AAU in this way.

Lisa is busy making sarcastic comments to Mubbs about the Jess incident and refuses his invitation out. Sandy is trying to borrow money from Danny to pay back Sean.

In the toilets Ben considers donating one of his own kidneys to Tony. He tells John, his ex, that he wants to be with Tony, and only Tony, John claims he just feels guilty and a fight starts that Danny has to break up. Ben confesses to Danny exactly what happened that night and Danny warns him that he could face criminal charges.

Ric is worried about Jess now that Alex is back on the scene, but she’s more concerned about getting the money for a nurses flat form him. Ric finds out that his patient on AAU is an illegal immigrant and actually has a malignant lung tumour. He offers to keep quiet so as the man may die in this country in dignity.

John goes to see Tony and tells him of Ben’s plans. He tells him that Ben is doing it for all the wrong reasons, and leaves as soon as Ben reappears. Ben assures Tony that he loves him and that’s why he wants to do it.

Lisa and Mubbs are arguing again about a patient’s birthing plan. When the birth goes wrong and he ignores the plan, he claims it’s Lisa’s fault and that all he seems to do these days is to clean up after her. He ends up cutting the cervix and she has to be rushed to theatre. The baby and the mother are fine but she wants to complain, Mubbs and Lisa are still at each others throats.

Alex has to break the news to a Mr Cassidy about the death of his wife, and leaves him in the office because the relatives room is full. Mr Cassidy refuses to sign the post morten forms. TCG goes in to try and persuade the man and realises he’s an alcoholic too. Eventually he coaxes the man to sign the form in the office. Outside Alex is impressed with Tom’s handling of the situation but Ric accuses him of hero worship, telling him that Tom doesn’t deserve it. Tom and Ric argue about the immigrant, now Tom’s patient, because Tom has shopped him to Social Services. Ric threatens that if he doesn’t call them off he’ll tell everyone about Tom, who he doesn’t think is fit to be clinical director. Tom tells him it’s too late, and calls a meeting of his staff that afternoon, Ric thinks he’s in luck.

Lisa leaves the video on Ric’s desk and he’s irate when he sees it. He vows to ‘get’ Mubbs, and when he sees his daughter he warns her that if she sees Mubbs again there’ll be no deposit for the flat. she claims he’s unresonable and an irresponsible father. Diane has to tell Ben that he’s an unsuitable match, him and Tony vow to stay together.

Mr Peter’s, the immigrant, collapses in reception after trying to discharge himself. Sandy finds him but he can’t be resuscitated. While no-one’s looking she takes the large amount of money form his pocket.

In Owen’s office he accuses Lisa and Mubbs of letting their history cloud their working relationship and that one of them may have to go. Lisa storms out saying it won’t be her. Mubbs is accused of being chauvenistic, homophobic, hitting on female patients and having no morals or ethics. Owen suggests he transfers. He jumps back saying that Owen is no-one to lecture him on morals, Chrissie’s had half the hospital, including the best man, who she’s probably still sleeping with. He orders Mubbs out.

In TCG’s office he admits to all his staff that he’s been in rehab, not on holiday at all.


Screencaps : S5 E23

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