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Cas Series

5.5 Hiding Place – 5/10/90

s5e5S5 E5 (5 Oct 90) : Hiding Place by Tony Etchells

Episode Summary

Charlie, driving to work, witnesses a lorry back into a man, crushing him. Charlie brings him in with the ambulance, but he dies in CRASH.

Psychiatric patient, Wayne Simpson, rings Social Worker Tony Walker,threatening to commit suicide. Tony, although trying to find him, doesn’t show too much concern as he is a well known hoaxer. Wayne, who has already taken a number of pills, turns up in A&E and steals more pills by posing as a doctor. Charlie finds him collapsed in the toilets.

A policeman, Dave McCray, takes an ex-convict junkie, Danny, on a ride in his car. Danny tries to escape from the car – and it crashes. Dave has minor head injuries while Danny suffers a fractured leg, Beth and Julian clash over his treatment for his drug addiction – which Julian feels is a waste of their resources.

Elderly ex-boxer, Jack, uses his old skills to deal with hooligans on a bus – but is kicked by one and suffers broken ribs. He tells his wife a secret he has kept from her.

Joy Waddington brings in her quiet boy, Mathew, saying he is ill. A tip off from Tony reveals she has a psychiatric problem.

A school girl, Susan, is brought in with a nail stuck in her foot. Ash distracts her while Beth pulls it out – and her mother Sarah faints.

Duffy is concerned when Peter says ‘Mum’ for the first time – but to her babysitter. Tony tries to tempt Megan with a trip to Paris – Ash tells her he’s married but she says she already knows and wasn’t going to go on the trip anyway.


* Wayne Simpson – psychiatric patient, overdosed.

* Danny Gresty – junkie, who fractures leg after falling from car.

* Dave McCray – head injury and bruised knuckles from car crash.

* Jack Morris – kicked by thug on bus.

* Joy Waddington brings in son, Mathew, pretending he is ill – but she is mentally ill.

* Susan – school girl with nail in foot. Her mother, Sarah faints.

* Man dies after being crushed by lorry.

First Scene/words

Charlie is on the motorway driving;

Radio : 1495 AM and 92.5 FM stereo at 3 before 7, the weather is looking good, dry and sunny with rain later. Today’s top temperature a super 56 degrees… (Charlie is stuck in a jam involving a lorry)

Last Scene/words

Beth walks in on Charlie getting changed in Staff Room;

Beth : Oh! Alright?

Charlie : Yeah never felt wetter!

Beth : Danny Gresty, did you give him clean needles?

Charlie : Yeah.

Beth : That’s interesting, so did I! (Charlie smiles)

Notable Facts

* Michael Feast plays Wayne Simpson.

* Clive Russell plays Dave McCray.

* John Bardon plays Jack Morris.

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