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HC Past Series

S5 E09

s5e9S5 E9 (2 Dec 02) : Every Cloud… by Susan Wilkins

Episode Summary

Terry and Kath are obviously happy, and he’s prepared a wonderful array of Christmas lights in the living room. They agree to go shopping later, and Kath can’t tear herself away from him. Domestic bliss however, is not as great for Chrissie and Owen who are arguing in the car on the way to work. He’s still waiting for an answer, Chrissie says he’s been grumpy all morning. Rather ironically, Ed appears to have finally made up his mind about *his* relationship with Chrissie, and suggests they meet up later. Sandy’s love life also seems to be going okay, she’s been sent a huge bouquet of flowers from Sean, a patient’s grandson. He suggests going for lunch, and even accepts to going Christmas shopping with her. She pays him back the 50 pounds that she owes him.

Lunch is pretty eventful shopping in Holby, and back at the hospital. Kath and Terry get funny photographs taken together like a pair of lovestruck teenagers, and Terry presents Kath with expensive jewellery. Terry, however, is feeling ill, although he hides this from Kath. Back at the hospital, Owen confides to Ed that he proposed to Chrissie. Ed then goes to see Chrissie and says he won’t stand in their way. She says that she hasn’t made her mind up, and it’s got nothing to do with Ed.

Terry’s still hiding his pain from Kath, but eventually lets her know. He says it’s been coming on for a few days, and she takes him straight to Ric to avoid the queues at A+E. All three fear that the cancer may have returned. Sandy’s also embarrassed when her credit card is rejected in a shop, but Sean pays for her. She tells him about the fire and her trouble with Danny and Lisa and he offers to lend her money, and he says that they are going out.

Despite Ed’s knowing of Owen’s proposal, she bursts in on Ed in the changing room when he’s half dressed, and they both give in to temptation. Ed admits he likes Chrissie. But she changes her mind yet again after she talks to someone whose marriage has failed because of their affair.

Lisa goes to visit Terry in his hospital bed and finds out that Kath’s been lying to her, he has cancer and he needs an operation. She immediately storms off to find Kath and blames Kath for her family splitting up. She says that she shouldn’t be kept in the dark, as she’s not a child anymore – and Kath tells her to stop acting like one then. When Ric operates he finds the cancer has spread so far it’s incurable. Kath and Lisa argue again, but are eventually united in their grief and upset. They both go and see Terry, and he’s pleased that the two women in his life are getting on.

Chrissie appears in Owen’s office and says she knows what she wants. She asks him to ask her to marry him again, and he does. She says yes, and the pair embrace. But can Chrissie really stay faithful to Owen as his wife? Meanwhile, Kath sits at home crying at the pictures taken only earlier that day.


– Helen is in to have a routine gall bladder procedure, and Tom is adament to impress her husband Jim, who is a big boss on the medical council. Helen has symptoms, however, that Ric assosciates with HIV and asks her to take a test. Jim is horrified at his suggestion, but it later becomes evident that Jim is gay – and has been seeing someone behind Helen’s back.

– Rob Turner who is in for an aortic root replacement. He is divorced from his wife, who confesses to Chrissie that she had an affair and regrets it, prompting Chrissie to think about her situation with Owen. Rob is fine, and the pair share a sweet reconcilation.

– Susan is in maternity for the birth of her baby. Her husband is evidently unsure, as the baby is the result of donor insemination – so is actually not is. However, after Susan has an eclamptic fit, Andy reconsiders his priorities and recognises the baby as his own.


First Scene/words

Tom: Jim! How are you? How’s the handicap?

Jim: Too much council business, I haven’t had time to play nowadays. In fact I’m sharing a planning meeting today at one o’clock.

Tom: Helen, don’t look so worried.

Helen: I haven’t been in hospital since I had the children.

Last Scene/words

[Kath comes back home, sits down on the sofa and watches the pictures of Terry and her.]

Guide by Sophs & Karin.

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