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HC Past Series

S6 E19

s6e19S6 E19 (10 Feb 04) : What He Would Have Wanted by Andrea Earl & Paul Coates

Episode Summary

This episode begins with a brief conversation between Ed and Tom, with Tom being very sarcastic, and giving him a huge pile of notes to read about Vince’s condition, he has a brain aneurysm. Tom and Ed go and check on Vince, who has been bought in by his daughter, Gina, who he has recently been reunited with.

Mubbs arrives at work and asks Rosie if she has heard from Sami or the girls yet. She hasn’t, and snaps at him. Mubbs walks over to the gynaecology reception desk, where Owen is feeling hungover.

Mubbs: When the hangover lasts three time’s longer than the bender, you know you’re getting old.

Owen: Well some of us have a readymade family, and a ward to run. Shout if you need me (he disappears into the back office)

Mubbs: That’s if I have time to shout.

Tom and Zubin go and check on Vince. Ed was right about Tom’s sanctimonious mood, as he begins to brag about his surgical skills. Zubin just rolls his eyes, and Vince picks up on Tom’s bragging, stating that if Tom is as good as he says he is, then he should be okay. Tom goes to leave, stating that he will see Vince in theatre, and Zubin makes a sarcastic comment; “If you can get your head through the door.” Vince’s wife Barbara arrives, and is quick to inform Gina of Vince’s brain condition. This results in a cortication between Gina and Barbara, and Barbara walks out

Mubbs goes in to check on Owen’s patient, Jenny, who has come in with her husband Neil, for a routine check up, she is 36 weeks pregnant. Mubbs discovers fluid on the baby’s lungs, and says they are going to have to do an emergency C-Section. Jenny says she wants her daughter Sophie present at the birth, and sends Neil to phone her school much to his protest.

Mubbs goes and complains to Owen about his lack of work, but Owen just ignores him. The phone rings, and Mubbs answers it. It is Sami, calling for Rosie, and Mubbs tells her to keep her cool. Sami says that he is bringing the girls home late that evening, to which Rosie complains, saying that they will be exhausted. She starts protesting, but he hangs up.

Ed is worried about what he and his dad will do on their first night together. He confides in Chrissie about this, who tells him not to go over the top, and that his dad probably just wants a quiet night in, at the suggestion of which, Ed decides he will cook.

Tricia tries to comfort Barbara, but is interrupted by Chrissie, who tells her to get on with some work, as Kath is running late they are short staffed. Tricia is worried, as Kath is not usually late, but Chrissie tells her that the kitchen had flooded in Kath’s house. Sarah Foster arrives, stating that she is supposed to be seeing Ric for an operation on her breast, and Chrissie asks Tricia to admit her. Tricia says that Kath doesn’t like her interfering in her work, to which Chrissie bites her head off, and sends her to admit Sarah.

Gina is worried about how the operation will go, and Ed tries to reassure her.

Ed: Well If I were going under the knife, I’d want Tom Campbell Gore holding it.

Ric examines Sarah Foster. Kath comes rushing in just as Ric finishes. Ric winds her up, saying that if she wanted a boating trip then the kitchen probably wasn’t the best place. Kath is not in a very good mood, and ends up snapping at Sarah’s pessimistic grandmother, Alice. Alice complains to Ric about Kath’s attitude, and he is very defensive of Kath, but says he will have a word to her.

In theatre, Vince goes into AF, but they manage to resuscitate him by shocking his heart. Tom gives Ed a decision to make, should they put him on pump and risk his brain aneurysm or keep him off pump and have to keep shocking his heart, which would weaken it. Ed makes the choice of putting him on pump, and Tom agrees.

Kath walks up to Tricia and Chrissie, and asks Tricia about the missing urine sample for Sarah Foster. When Chrissie snaps at Tricia, Kath quickly covers for her, saving Tricia’s neck from Chrissie’s grasp, and promptly goes off to take another sample. On the way she notices Larry messing around with some trolleys. He asks her to push him down the corridor on both trolleys, and she tells him off, and asks him what he is doing there. He says that if he tells her he will have to kill her, and Kath walks off.

Ric stops Kath, and asks her about the incident with Alice earlier on in the day. He is worried about her comparing Sarah’s case with what she went through with Terry, and reminds her of a few home truths.

Screencaps : S6 E19

First Scene/words

[Ed and Chrissie are walking along together towards Darwin ward.]

>Chrissie: Vince Armstrong, he’s a transfer from ED, Tom’s with him at the moment.

Ed: Fantastic.

Chrissie: What’s that supposed to mean?

Ed: Tom’s in one of his untouchable moods, he pulled off a good save earlier and now he thinks he’s on a winning streak.

Chrissie: Are you All right?

Ed: Yeah…. Alright Chrissie, erm, my Dad gets out today.

Chrissie: That’s Great!

Ed: I know, Seven years, two months four days, I think I owe him, big time.

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