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HC Past Series

S6 E22

s6e22S6 E22 (2 Mar 04) : The Kindness of Strangers by Andrea Pagan

Episode Summary

A patient called Bradley Connor is brought into the department along with his boxing trainer Arthur. Bradley is a boxer who is training to compete in a tournament which he was supposed to be competing in, in the very near future although after blacking out he had been brought into the department where Tom had decided to let Ed have him as his own patient. Bradley gets told that he has a hole in the heart and will be needing surgery quite quickly, Bradley then gets a bit worked up as he gets up from the bed trying to leave where Chrissie and Ed try to stop him, he then collapses onto the floor nocking over a nearby trolley, he gets rushed straight into theatre after his heart stopping as he had collapsed. Later on in the episode it is found out that medical treatment that had been performed on him when on his four year long stay in Florida which had been a bit of a botch up as it is that which had caused him to have the hole in the heart.

Another patient who is called Sylvia had been brought up to gynae where it is discovered that she has a tumour on her left ovary. It is thought best that she has a hystorectomy to minimise the chances of cancer from spreading further in the future. Sylvia doesn’t think this is such a good idea as even though for the time being she enjoys travelling she would like to see herself have kids sometime in the future, so after further discussion about it she is sent into theatre where they try to just remove the one ovary but end up having to remove both of them anyway. She is taken back to the ward where her partner comes and joins her again as she recovers and comes to terms with it now being very likely that she’ll ever be able to have children of her own.

Rosie, who is beginning to find it hard to pay the numerous bills that are beginning to mount up has an offer from Mubbs saying that he might as well help out because he has a bigger salary than her anyway at first Rosie just thinks that he’ll think she is just being a gold digger but later on agrees to his offer as Mubbs agrees to give her two hundred pounds. Later once back at home someone from child welfare type place comes round. Rosie ends up turning up late after having to deal with one of the patients but soon turns up as they have their discussion.

A man called Michael drives into the car-park, Lauren who is first thought to be much older but turns out to be only thirteen gets out of the passenger side of the car as runs around to the other side as undoes the door where Michael falls out of the car and onto the floor, Kath along with a couple of other passers by come over as Michael complains of pain in his stomach. He gets taken up to the ward where he pretents to be Lauren’s father. It is soon found out that he is not after getting sent into theatre then coming back out and onto the ward again Lauren confesses that she had met him only hours before at a train station after first meeting him on a internet chatroom and that he isn’t her father but her boyfriend. Sometime later Michael tries to run away but is soon found and caught by the police after Kath and Diane trying to chat to Lauren and find out whats going on.

George. Ed’s dad, was supposed to be sent home but whilst he is getting himself dressed and ready he rellapses as he gets a tightening in his chest and difficulty breathing as he gets put back on oxygen again. Ed goes behind Tom’s back getting extra tests done even though Tom had advised him to wait, Ed goes and organises them himself anyway. Tom finds out though and later on in the program Ed asks for his help and Tom tells him that he will only help him if he gets one hundred percent loyalty in return.

Diane meets a surgeon called Peter whilst working on one of the patients, they seem to get along straight away, later on in the program not realising that it had been him that had been the person who had answered her ad in the lonely hearts column in the paper, she texts him telling him that it isn’t such a good idea and ends up cancelling the date. Later Diane agrees to go with Kath for a drink as sees Peter in the bar again as goes over to him, after a short conversation soon realises that it had been him that she had stood-up via text as apologises to him about it as they continue to sit chatting until Peter has to go and see someone just across the bar, Kath comes back over to join her again noticing the closeness between her and Peter as they then have a convertsation.


Paul Rose – Andrew Lewis.

George Keating – Garry Cooper.

Peter Hodges – Jeremy Callaghan.

Lauren Zaccardelli – Zoe Thorne.

Michael Winstanely – Tom Beard.

Bradley Connor – Aml Ameen.

Arthur Whitborne – Rod Culberston.

Sylvia Dyson – Alison Pargeter.

Phil Grant – James Buller.

Leena Sattar – Neha Patel.

Nadia Sattar – Medina Sheikh.

Dale Matthews – David Rubin.

First Scene/ words

(In the car-park. A car pulls up, Lauren gets out as rushes round the other side of the car to the passenger side where Peter gets out and practically collapses down onto the floor, Kath rushes over).

Lauren: Help me please, somebody please help me!

Kath: Get me a trolley.

Peter: You didn’t need to get anyone.

Kath: Well judging by the state of you it’s a good job she did. Where does it hurt?

Peter: It’s my stomach.

Kath: (takes the scarf off from around her neck) Put this under your dad’s head, it will make him a bit more comfortable. (to someone else who works within the hospital) Can you page Diane Lloyd from Keller please.

Last Scene/ words

(Ed is standing at one of the nurses stations as Tom comes along the corridor).

Ed: Tom can I have a word?

Tom: Yes?

Ed: My dad’s bloods have come back, there is a lot of monocytes in his blood.

Tom: What does your consultant say? Who’re you with now?

Ed: I’d really appreciate it if you’d carry on treating him.

Tom: What would I get in return? Incompetence and supporting issue?

Ed: Please Tom, it’s my dad! What do you want?

Tom: What I want is absolute loyalty.

Ed: I’ll do anything.

Tom: Not just your lip service, say one thing do another! I need to be able to rely on you fully. No questioning, no challening. I say jump, you ask how high.

Ed: Yes.

Tom: I’ll talk to Susan Green and have him put on the transplant register.

Ed: Tom, thank you.

Tom: Get out of my sight.

(They both go off up the corridor each in an opposite direction to the other).

Notable Facts

Andrew Lewis plays Paul Rose

Garry Cooper plays George Keating

Jeremy Callaghan plays Peter Hodges

Zoe Thorne plays Lauren Zaccardelli

Tom Beard plays Michael Winstanely

Aml Ameen plays Bradley Connor

Rod Culberston plays Arthur Whitborne

Alison Pargeter plays Sylvia Dyson

James Buller plays Phil Grant

Neha Patel plays Leena Sattar

Medina Sheikh plays Nadia Sattar

David Rubin plays Dale Matthews


Screencaps : S6 E22

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