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HC Past Series

S6 E35

Episode Summary

The new consultant, Connie Beauchamp, arrives on Darwin. Dressed in a sharp designer suit and high heels, she quickly turns heads. Will is not so easily impressed by her looks and they clash. Connie decides to try an unusual procedure on Pat Cowdrey, a seriously ill single mother with a 16-year-old daughter Kelly, whose future Pat is worried about if she does not get better. Connie decides to try to remove parts of her heart in order to get it to work better, something Will finds far too dangerous. The operation is a success and when Will reluctantly comes to terms with the fact that he has a female boss, he apologises for his behaviour, and Connie agrees to give him a second chance. Unlike Will, Ric is very impressed with Connie and spends most of the day flirting outrageously with her. His flirtation leads to a rendezvous in his office at the end of their shifts. Afterwards, Connie takes great delight in telling Ric that she is also the new medical director, in effect his boss. Ric is taken aback by the news but hopes that they are on the same side.

Connie is also treating, as her first patient, a Gemma Walker, who has been involved in an RTA. They realise that she is pregnant and after a lot of work they manage to save the baby, but when Gemma finally wakes up, she says that Connie’s efforts were a waste of time and that she does not want the baby. Connie finds her ungrateful and tells her that they have spent a lot of time, probably around £35,000 and Connie has ruined a new shirt while trying to save her (having resulted in her having to borrow one of Ric’s shirts), so she will have to at least talk to a psychiatrist before she can go home.

Lisa and Donna go through Donna’s time at the hospital and Lisa finds lots of faults, thinking that Donna should be there to actually work and not just gossip with the staff and the patients. Donna gets into further trouble when she forgets to put down some notes about the obs of Jennifer Southwell, a woman who dies of a stomach tumour and Lisa also finds out that Donna has, behind everyone’s back told Jennifer’s old friend about the tumour and how she has been lying about having a good life, because she did not want to admit that she has failed miserably. Lisa warns Donna that she could have lost her job.

Mickie is treating Eileen MacKenzie, a woman in her age who is about to have a hysterectomy. Eileen does not seem worried about not being able to have children, being more interesting in partying, and Mickie agrees that family etc are overrated. After the surgery, where they also have to remove the ovaries, Eileen suddenly realises that she is upset at the thought of never being able to have children and even Mickie seems to realise that she might need a man in her life. After work Donna discovers Mickie drunk in the bar and about to go home with a lecherous stranger. When confronted, Mickie tells Donna that she is a virgin. Unfazed by her friend’s announcement, Donna takes her home, telling her that she will help her lose her virginity – but with a more suitable man.

Mubbs keeps pestering Owen about his date with Diane, wanting to know all the details, but Owen says it is none of business and only admits to it having been ‘nice’. Owen is keen to talk to Diane, but finds out that she is having a day off. He grows increasingly worried about their relationship, worrying that Diane did not have a good time and Mubbs constantly teases him about it and about Diane not having phoned. Owen has got tickets for a football game and is getting worried that she might not like the idea and Mubbs already offers to take the tickets, when Diane finally texts Owen.

Screencaps : S6 E35


Pat Cowdrey – Congestive heart failure

Jennifer Southwell – Stomach tumour

Gemma Walker – Chest injuries after RTA

Eileen MacKenzie – Hysterectomy

First Scene/words

Connie: I need to listen to your chest to find out what’s going on, okay?

Patient: I’m dying, that’s what’s going on!

Connie: [to Jess] Chest crush from an RTA, first x-ray’s clear, she’sin a lot of pain, we’re waiting for the second film. Her heartshadow’s enlarged, she’s got a bleed in the pericardium, I need anecho and let theatre know we’re on our way.

Jess: I don’t know who you are so what shall I say?

Last Scene/words

Connie: Mmm… it’s difficult to know what they’ll make of me…

Ric: Well some of them must have hired you; who cares what the rest think?

Connie: No, I mean about me being the new medical director… you know,working for a woman and everything… sorry, perhaps I should have toldyou – does kind of make me your boss, doesn’t it?

Ric: Kind of…

Connie: Oh well, see you tomorrow… Oh and uh, don’t be late.

(Kate S)

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