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HC Past Series

S6 E50

Episode Summary

Jess and Reza arrive at work late after spending the night together and a jealous Zubin takes out his frustration on the pair. Zubin’s cold behaviour towards Jess makes her increasingly upset and she realises she is not over him and finishes with Reza, just as Ric seems to have got used to the idea of Reza. She goes to talk to Zubin and they end up in a passionate clinch. Sara Jones is one of the patients that had caused disagreements between Jess and Zubin. Sara is a drug addict who is back in hospital a year and a half after a liver transplant – now with a painful abscess. She keeps asking for more drugs against the pain and Zubin unsympathetically refuses to give her any. Her father comes in to see her and is not interesting in helping her daughter either, while Jess thinks that they should give her a chance, what with her being only 25 years old she has every chance to start lea! ding a better life. Eventually, when Sara is taken into surgery to remove the abscess, she dies of an aortic bleed.

Tricia is upset about the way Carlos behaved last week. He tries to talk to her but she avoids him, assuming he wants to end their relationship. Chrissie notices that something is wrong and spends all day trying to get Tricia to explain what is wrong and when she says that Carlos obviously is not interested, Chrissie tries to convince her that he obviously is. Carlos asks to see her after work and certain that he is going to say it is over between them, Tricia almost does not go until Chrissie tells her to go. This is however not what Carlos has had in mind – he tells her he has a surprise planned and takes her to a friend’s yacht that he has borrowed and treats her to a Champagne lunch on deck. He says he wants a serious relationship and gives her a small jewellery box. Tricia gasps but, when she opens it, there are earrings inside and not the ring she had secretly hoped for.

Connie is keeping a close eye on Will and they argue in theatre about how to best remove a sword that is puncturing the lung of a patient. Later, when he makes a poor judgement call with another patient and almost missing a hole in the patient’s heart because of not taking an ECG, she punishes him by sending him to a teaching class that night, saying that he has to know the basics. Ric warns Connie that if she keeps criticising Will, he might quit. Connie tells him that Will has the potential to be an excellent surgeon but he needs a strong discipline.

Mickie and Mubbs get to deal with a patient, Lena Ferns, who is 26 weeks pregnant and having internal bleeds after apparently falling down the stairs. Mickie is suspicious all the way from the beginning and suggests domestic violence, but they later find out that she is living on her own. Mickie insists that something is wrong, thinking that it might be a suicide attempt or similar, but Mubbs does not believe a word she says and thinks she should mind her own business. A while later the patient goes missing and Mickie finds her bleeding in the loos, having tried to cause an abortion. She is rushed into theatre, but the baby is too weak to make it. They talk to her and find out that she is manic depressive and she did not want to bring the baby into the world, sure it would get the same fate as she has. Upset, Mickie tells Mubbs that she wants him to start respecting her if they are going to work together as a team. Later in the pub Mubbs surprises her by offerin! g to buy her a drink as an apology for not listening to her, to which Mickie replies “Am I hearing things or has the almighty Mubbs just admitted he was wrong and apologised to a lowly midwife?”

Donna comes into work tired after having been partying all night. She is having problems with a patient and asks Mickie to help her out and Mickie notices that the machine is not working because Donna has forgotten to plug it. At the end of the day they have arranged to meet in the pub, but when Mickie arrives a bit late after a hard day, Donna says that she cannot stay because she has met someone she wants to go to the club with. When Donna goes on, asking Mickie to lend her some money Mickie has had enough and stands up for herself, telling Donna that she is sick of her selfishness and their one way friendship.


Lena Ferns, a manic depressive who loses her baby

Colin Walsh, 39, sword puncturing lung after an accident while roleplaying

Roger Russell, broken ribs, but also a hole in the heart

Sara Jones, a 25-year-old drug addict with an abscess, dies during surgery

First Scene/words

[Zubin is getting dressed. He turns over to the woman in the bed and whispers]

Zubin: Sorry, I gotta rush off. I hope you understand.

[The scene is changed to another bedroom, but you don’t notice it immediately, making it look like Zubin would have been talking to Jess]

Jess: Is that the time? You should’ve woken me, I’m gonna be late for work.

Reza: Five more minutes won’t make the difference…

Jess: For you maybe.

[Back in the other bedroom Zubin leaves some money on the table and his bleeper goes off]

Zubin: Thank you. Bye.

Last Scene/words

Jess: You can’t keep living your life like this, never letting anyone in.

Zubin: It’s too late. You’re already there.

[They kiss while Zubin’s bleeper goes off. He slowly turns it off and walks away, without either of them saying a word. Confused Jess follows him. For a while they stop and look at each other through the crowd and eventually they both smile.]

Notable Facts

Paul Moriarty (who played George Palmer in EastEnders) guest stars as Terry, a man with a sick daughter who is a heroin addict.

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