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HC Past Series

S6 E51

Episode Summary

It’s the day of baby Jack’s christening, and Owen has to tell Chrissie that it is being held at the same church where baby Amanda is buried, because no other churches were available. Although she pretends not to be affected, she is distraught and runs from the ceremony. Afterwards, Owen excuses himself and finds her by Amanda’s grave, where she tells him that he was Amanda’s father and asks him to give their relationship another try. He reminds her that he is now with Diane and walks over to Diane and Jack, who have been waiting for him. Ric expresses his concerns about Diane to Zubin, but Zubin thinks that Owen is a good man – with a messed up life.

Will has had only a few hours sleep after working late for Connie. It is his son’s birthday, but just as he is about to take his son to the park, Connie pages him to come to work. Connie is at his back all day, trying to give him the discipline that she thinks he needs, while Will desperately tries to find ways to at least get his son a birthday present. She refuses to let him leave early and, in the evening, his wife turns up on the ward and shouts at him for missing his son’s party. Connie, susprised that Will is married, later reprimands Will, telling him to leave domestic issues at home.

Will is also in trouble for dealing badly when Joanne Wilkie and her boyfriend Niall Fulton are brought in – while Joanne’s husband and child also comes to visit her in hospital. Joanne’s young son catches her mother kissing her boyfriend and also overhears her pretending that she does not have a son and soon afterwards her husband also notices what is going on, hitting the boyfriend, all while Will is busy on the phone, trying to arrange a birthday present for his son. Later, the boyfriend has a fit and collapses when no one but Joanne’s son is around and he just stands there, as if waiting for him to die, but luckily Will finds them before it is too late. Realising that he will not make it to his son’s birthday party, Will decides to give the present to the boy, something Will’s wife is not too pleased about.

Zubin is uncomfortable around Jess after their kiss and feels guilty when Ric tells him he is like a godfather to her, saying that he knows that Jess would be in good hands if something ever happened to him. When she asks him to go to lunch with her, Zubin tells her he cannot hurt Ric and they can never kiss again.

The christening makes Rosie feel broody and Mubbs has to tell her that it is not healthy when a midwife is jealous of her patients. She gets emotional when a patient’s baby is diagnosed with a serious heart problem and the patient later loses her baby. She finds it hard trying to convince the 42-year-old that she could still get another chance to have a child, maybe this time with a loving man next to her. When Rosie admits to Mubbs that she wishes she could have a baby with him, he tells her he feels the same way, although he is clearly relieved she is unable to have more children.


Joanne Wilkie, a 36-year-old woman with a chest trauma she got while trying to defend her boyfriend

Niall Fulton, Joanne’s boyfriend, a brain hemmorage

Sasha Grace, 42-year-old whose baby is born at 26 weeks, but dies because of a serious heart problem

Rory Jackson, 37, an HIV positive priest with a ruptured spleen that needs removing

First Scene/words

[Will gets out of his car and walks up to his front door]

Last Scene/words

Connie: I expect more from my registrar than cheap domestics.

Will: Well, I’ll take it outside…

Connie: No, Will! You will take it home. Anything else than your complete dedication and focus is of no use to me, or the hospital.

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