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Zubin is back to head the new ITU department. He tells Connie that he does not think it should open in early February as it will not be ready but Connie ignores him. Zubin tries to apologise again to Ric about Leo’s baby but Ric is not ready to forgive him. Ric is short with [ID 1440]Sean[/ID] all day and Zubin wonders what has happened. A patient accidentally hits Jess and leaves a bruise above her eye. Later, Sean demands that Jess tell Ric the truth behind their break up – he is fed up with Ric thinking he is the guilty party. Zubin watches and the argument gets heated. Zubin goes to tell Ric that Jess has a bruise on her face and he thinks Sean may be mistreating her. Ric’s suspicions are further fuelled when Jess tells him she wants to get away for a while and stay with her mother. Ric is furious and pulls Sean into an empty office, pinning him against the wall. Zubin enters and tries to diffuse the situation. Sean tells Ric that the reason he and Jess split is because she did not want to be with him anymore so he asked her to move out. Zubin is shocked to learn Jess is pregnant.

Mickie shadows Connie for the day as part of Lisa’s mentoring scheme. Lisa and Connie clash when Lisa insists Mickie is not qualified to assist with a procedure. Connie ignores Lisa and allows Mickie to work with her. Mickie is impressed by Connie’s professionalism and develops a crush on her. At the end of the shift she asks Connie to go for a drink with her – Connie politely declines.

Lisa tells Chrissie about a medical course taking place in London, Chrissie agrees to go. Later Connie asks Diane, who also says yes.

Bailiffs turn up at the girls’ flat – Donna has not kept up her loan repayments. Donna lets them take the TV and other belongings – she does not tell the bailiffs that the possessions are in fact Lisa’s.

Diane pesters Owen for a wedding date. He fobs her off and says he does not know when they should get married. At the end of the day, he realises that he wants nothing more than to make her happy. Owen asks Diane if she wants to get married at the end of March – she says yes!

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