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Cas Series

S7 E03

S7 E3 (26 Sep 92) : Body Politic by Ginnie Hole

Episode Summary

Josh is troubled about the biker case. We are introduced to Ash’s girlfriend Nikki Wyatt. Norma is worried about her elderly mother, with Alzheimer’s disease. Charlie is not happy with Rob’s attitude and Kate Miller discusses budgets with Julian and Charlie – she is enthusiastic to help, but they are still unhappy with management.

A teenage girl, Frankie, is brought in with stomach pains, with her anxious mother, Claire. It is revealed Frankie has tried to abort her unborn baby with a knitting needle. It slowly becomes clear that her step father, Jeff, has been abusing her.

An aristocrat, Richard, opens the door and is shot in the chest by a leather clad biker, with a crossbow. No surgeons are free and Julian is forced to remove the bolt and save the man’s life. The attacker is brought into casualty after falling from their bike. It turns out to be Karen, a mother, who’s child was killed by Richard in a road accident eight years ago – his case was dismissed because of his status.

A body builder, Michael, arrives in A&E with a sore throat, Norma dismisses him as not being serious. He goes outside where Maxine finds him collapsed. He is rushed into CRASH, where he dies, after Rob and Ash find steroids in his wallet. His friend Leo overhears he had previously come to the department the day before, and makes a complaint.


* Aristocrat, Richard Morton, son of Lord Brodbrock, is shot in the chest with a crossbow. His wife, Celia, discovers him.

* Karen, biker, falls of motorbike, she is found to be Richard’s attacker.

* Body builder, Michael Clements, sent away twice from the department, with a sore throat. Dies in CRASH, after taking steroids.

* 15 year old Frankie – stomach pains after trying to end pregnancy – her step father abused her.

First scene/words

Biker goes up to the house and knocks on the door, dog barks and licks Richard’s face.

Richard : Get off.. stay.. (more knocks) Alright for God’s sake (opens door, biker shoots him)

Last Scene/words

Kate : I have a man waiting in my office with a very serious complaint to make, I’d like you to come and talk to him.

Julian : Is it your sole purpose in life to make jobs for me?

Kate : The man who died in CRASH this morning, did you know he was sent away twice from this department? (Julian sighs)

Notable Facts

* Jan Harvey plays Claire.

* Louisa Haig plays Frankie.

* Norma has a son and her father died 20 years ago.

* Sandra smokes.

Screencaps : S7 E3

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