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HC Past Series

7.42 Soft Centred – 2/8/05

Episode Summary

Owen is preoccupied at work – his ex-wife, Laura, is seeking an injunction to stop him seeing daughter Katie. But his absent-mindedness almost has fatal consequences. Kirsty Winton is brought in with abdomen pains. Mickie accidentally misinforms Owen that Kirsty is not pregnant and they head for theatre to remove her appendix. But Owen is not happy when he discovers she is suffering an ectopic pregnancy. He first has a go at Mickie, but when Lola sticks up for her, he admits his mind was not on the job.

Elsewhere, Ric wants his old job back but Michael does his best to scupper his attempt. Throughout the day, Connie begins to realise her plans for SuperDarwin might be a bit naive.

Meanwhile, Tricia helps Mark out of a jam when she finds out he is homeless by offering him the spare room at her place.

Two women, Janice and Vicky, are brought in after a fall down some stairs. They continue to argue in the hospital. Vicky has accused Janice of stealing money – it is later revealed Janice did steal money but in desperation as she wanted to take her husband, who has bowel cancer, to America, for an operation in a bid to save his life.

Connie is not sympathetic to patient, Adam, who has a congenital condition but has made no effort to keep himself healthy. She needs to operate. Meanwhile Adam has troubles with his boyfriend Tim.


* Janice O’Fagan – internal bleeding after falling down stairs.

* Vicky Coles – minor injuries from fall down stairs.

* Adam Spengler – congenital condition.

* Kirsty Winton – ectopic pregnancy.

Notable Facts

* Seb Castang plays Tim Wellman.

* Natalie Robb plays Kirsty Winton.

* Michael tells Connie ‘You’re obsessed with victory and defeat.’

* Michael gives Ric they Doyle Award ‘for Service in Africa’.

* Lola is heard using her well known phrase again ‘As Grandma used to say…’


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