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HC Past Series

8.01 The Outsiders – 18/10/05

Episode Summary

Chrissie is three weeks late and decides to do a pregnancy test but, when it proves negative, she goes to see Owen. Chrissie is scared that the abnormal cells have returned and, when Owen says she needs more tests, she thinks she may not be able to have children.

Meanwhile Chrissie also gets emotionally involved in a case involving Wendy, who goes into arrest whilst in labour. Her baby girl is delivered safely, but Wendy needs another risky operation as she suffers a genetic heart condition. Having been in care herself, Wendy decides to call the baby’s father, Vincent, to look after the baby if anything happens to her. He feels used and is unsure if he should stay, but Chrissie persuades him to. After the operation which is a success, Wendy tells Vincent he is no longer needed – but he says he wants to stick around and be a father to the child.

A subdued Ric passes of some of his duties to Diane and tries to engross himself in paperwork. However he is less than sympathetic with an ex-junkie patient, Duncan, that he treats with an injured leg when he discovers he has taken a fix whilst on the ward. However, when Ric finds him collapsed in the toilets after taking an overdose, Ric fights to save him. After shift, a more uplifted Ric agrees to go to dinner with Diane and calls Jess.Meanwhile, Matt is on a new rotation. He is unimpressed whilst shadowing Diane, when she orders him to treat an elderly patient, Madeline, with endometriosis. However, after becoming involved in the case, Matt discovers she also has a condition called fistula which she was too embarrassed to talk about.


* Wendy Simpson – baby girl delivered. Also has genetic heart condition.

* Duncan Matthews – hepatitis c sufferer and ex-junkie with thigh wound.

* Madeline Eyres – endometriosis and fistula.

Notable Facts

* The song playing at the beginning of the episode was ‘Feeling Good’ by Nina Simone. The song played at the end was by Everything but the Girl.

* Connie is unsure of whether Chrissie should have advised Vincent to visit Wendy ‘When somethings are broken, it’s not worth fixing them’.

* ‘Are you questioning my medical competence?’ rants Ric to Mark, who can clearly see his stressed.

* Diane tells Ric about Matt’s work ‘You’re student learned a valuable lesson – that it’s not all about the medicine’.

* Chrissie tells Owen ‘Maybe I’m not supposed to be a Mum’.

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