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HC Past Series

S8 E14

Episode Summary

[ID 1443]Mark[/ID] is sorting out Frank’s life insurance and the insurance company wants to see all of his medical notes. Tricia is nervous that Mark will find Frank had a paternity test, so she gets all his records and gives them to Mark in a sealed envelope. But Mark says he needs to add a cover letter and opens the envelope anyway. He discovers Frank took the test and demands to know what’s going on. Tricia attempts to lie at first but eventually breaks down and confesses all. She then runs off, leaving Mark to come to terms with the devestating revelation.

Meanwhile, Jac is back and clashes with Diane over the treatment of a patient, Leon, who has bowel disease. Leon is hoping to get back with his girlfriend but thinks having an ileostomy bag will ruin his chances. Jac tells Diane it’s inevitable he will need one but Diane decides to go for less invasive surgery first. However when his condition deteriorates they have no alternative but to give him an ileostomy bag anyway. Diane meddles into his relationship, when his ex-girlfriend shows up, but it backfires on her and she realises she has come back to work too soon. Ric tells her to take some time off.

Patrick Kerrigan is brought in with chest pains following a reunion with his estranged son, Heston. The team diagnose Patrick with having Huntingdon’s disease and tell his son, that he has a 50% chance of also having the condition. Tricia persuades Heston to take the test and he is distraught at learning he does have it. However as his father lays dying, Heston says he’s all clear, to ease his father’s conscience.

[ID 1535]Matt[/ID] is desperate to impress Connie as he does his surgical rotation with [ID 1598]Sam[/ID]. He treats patient, Keeley, who he correctly diagnoses with a hole in the heart. However his lack of patient skills and bumbling manner puts Connie’s back up.


* Patrick Kerrigan – dies of Huntingdon’s disease.

* Leon Harris – bowel disease.

* Keeley Franks – hole in the heart.

Notable Facts

* Martin Hancock (Spider in Corrie) plays Reg Lund.

* Alex MacQueen plays Dr Greene.

* When Connie meets with Matt and sees he’s spilt hot drink over himself she says ‘Mr Parker – Peter isn’t it?’

* Jac suggest Diane is too sympathetic with her patient because of her own marriage breakdown. ‘I know we’re here to save patients, not their marriages.’

* Diane is annoyed when Jac keeps calling her ‘Di’ and calls her ‘scalpel happy’ to Ric.

* ‘How long have you been keeping secrets for him?’ Mark asks Tricia. ‘Since he raped me’ she says as Mark looks in disbelief.

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