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HC Past Series

S8 E19

Episode Summary

Lola’s daughter, Cleo, arrives in the department with her ill boyfriend, Andy. Andy is suffering anaphylactic shock from a tetanus boost and also suffers asthma problems. Cleo tells her Mum she has left university and wants to go travelling. Lola almost convinces her to change her mind, but her stifling actions only push Cleo further away.

Meanwhile, Connie advises [ID 1598]Sam[/ID] he must tow the line. However, Sam ignores the warnings when he treats a woman, Jane, who has coronary artery disease. She is worried her two foster children will be taken away if she doesn’t have an immediate operation. Sam gets her an emergency slot by pretending her condition has taken a turn for the worse, however Connie is furious when she discovers in theatre and that he has put her health in jeopardy.

Meanwhile, Jane’s partner, Billy, has an argument with her and runs off into a lift shaft when security guards chase him. Jac finds him and discovers his arm has been severed, she is determined to find his arm and operate on him but feels undermined when Ric asks Diane to take over the operation. The pair work together and Jac makes her feelings clear that she resents Ric favouring Diane over her. Diane thinks it’s unlikely Billy’s arm can be saved, but Jac persuades her otherwise. However when Ric shows up and discovers he has septicemia, he blames Diane and demands they amputate.

Later Jac admits she was to blame not Diane, and admits she wanted to impress him. Ric apologises to Diane and tells Jac he was impressed by her loyalty and strength towards her patient. He takes them both for a drink to tell them who has got the Consultant’s post but before he can, Nick Jordan pulls up in his car and announces he has got the job. Both are shocked and we see Jac clearly knows him from the past.


* Andy – anaphylactic shock and severe asthma.

* Jane Wintergreen – coronary artery disease.

* Billy Wintergreen – severed arm.

Notable Facts

* Grace Kingslene plays Cleo Sullivan.

* Jac, Joseph and Sam have an amusing discussion about magpies. Joseph takes it too seriously!

* Connie is still angry with Sam and needs to tow the line, ‘Think of it as parol!’ she tells him.

* Connie is furious when he endangers a patients life, ‘Do you realise your stunt could get you struck off.. you’re a dangerous idiot!’

* Jac is annoyed when Ric asks Diane to take over an operation on her patient. ‘Why do I feel like they’ve just shut the door in my face?’ she says.

* ‘Hello Jac – long time no see’ Nick says to her when he arrives, clear they have history behind them.

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