S8 E02 – Part 3

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Episode Summary

Comfort is taken to theatre, where Ric and Diane battle to save her life. They discover she has been stabbed when they find a small pierce through her skin.

Edgar, who was involved in the accident, is also taken upstairs. Connie takes over his case from Loftwood and discovers he is a prominent political figure back home. Edgar urges Connie to perform a high-risk operation on him, however Loftwood disagrees. However, Connie goes behind his back and goes ahead with the operation.

Emma reveals to Kris that it was Adrian who put acid in the water that burnt her face. Kris confronts Adrian, who is in ITU visiting Nick – it is discovered that Adrian had a crush on Nick, which is why he seeked revenge on Emma. Diane and Carl find them but Kris threatens them to back off or he’ll hurt Adrian, the same way he hurt Comfort.

The story is continued in S8 E2 – Part 4


* Comfort – in surgery for stab wound.

* Edgar Muzenda – high risk heart operation.

* Nick Bond – in ITU after being attacked.

* Emma – acid burn to face.

Notable Facts

* CASUALTY characters Josh and Comfort appear in this episode.

* James Gaddas plays Carl O’Leary.

* Graeme Garden plays Mr Loftwood.

* Connie received a letter regarding her divorce.

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