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HC Past Series

S8 E02 – Part 4

Episode Summary

Chrissie gets her tests results back and they are all-clear. She hugs Owen and they nearly kiss, but she backs off and asks Owen to make a choice between her and Diane once and for all.

Edgar’s operation is a success, but Loftwood is angry that Connie misled him into thinking she had 100% success rate in the procedure.

Edgar has been asked to return home and try and become political leader to help ease the suffering happening in his country. Moji tells him she is pregnant and that she is reluctant to go home. At first he decides to stay, but changes his mind when his friend tells him that his family died out there. He realises he must go back to help – Moji agrees to go with him.

Kris discovers that Carl knew about Emma’s affair with Nick. He attacks Carl in the hospital toilets and runs off. Carl is taken to theatre, but dies of his injuries. Josh gives chase to Kris onto the hospital roof, where he threatens to jump. Josh persuades him to face up his responsibilites.

[ID 1535]Matt[/ID] asks Diane to be his mentor. Despite his recent behaviour, she happily agrees.

At the end of shift, Loftwood tells Connie that he is resigning. He tells her he admires her confidence and reiterates that his position will become vacant.


* Comfort – recovering after stab wound injury.

* Carl O’Leary – dies after being attack by Kris.

* Edgar Muzenda – has a successful batista operation.

* Emma – acid burns to face.

Notable Facts

* CASUALTY characters Josh, Luke and Comfort appear in this episode.

* James Gaddas plays Carl O’Leary.

* Graeme Garden plays Mr Loftwood.

* Chrissie tells Owen, after receiving her test results ‘Now that I’ve got a chance of a family, but with who?’* Matt asks Diane to be his mentor ‘I know I can be annoying but that’s just the way I am!’ Diane replies ‘I’d be honoured!’

* After Loftwood tells Connie he’s resigning, she says ‘I’m stubborn, I always have been.’

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Screencaps : S8 E2b

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