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HC Past Series

S8 E21

Episode Summary

Ryan is back in after having beaten up Cash. [ID 1443]Mark[/ID] feels responsible for him and when police come in to question the boy, Mark lies and says he is unavailable. Later, the police come back to question Ryan, who has panicked and gone missing. They find him in a corridor and Mark and [ID 1535]Matt[/ID] try to talk him out of running. Desperate to get away Ryan stabbs Matt and flees. Matt needs an emergency operation and his colleagues are beside themselves with worry.

Elsewhere, Diane is upset when Ric tells her that she has to work with Nick permenantly and she soon realises Ric’s motives are purely so Diane can keep an eye on Nick and report back to him. They treat a woman, Abna, who has recently travelled from her home of Antigua. Diane soon finds herself covering for Nick when they discover a condom of drugs in the pregnant woman’s stomach. Abna tells them how she was desperate to smuggle the drugs so she could afford to bring her son back home. Despite a tough shift, Diane feels challenged by Nick and when Ric offers that she can return to his firm, she refuses.

Joseph treats an elderly lady, Esme, who needs her pacemaker readjusted in theatre. [ID 1570]Elliot[/ID] teaches him that spending time with the patient is just as important as punctuality.

Meanwhile, [ID 1598]Sam[/ID] plays Cupid when he tries to set up Joseph with a pretty young nurse, Adele. At first Joseph refuses to go on a date with her so Sam agrees to go for a drink with her instead, but when he is called to assist Matt’s operation, Joseph feels guilty that Adele will be stood up and takes her out after all.


* Craig ‘Cash’ – skull fracture and haemorrage.

* Ryan Baker – nose injury, minor cuts.

* Abna – loses baby after smuggling drugs in stomach.

* Esme Taylor – needs pacemaker readjusted after lead has come out.

Notable Facts

* Nick Jordan uses Meyer’s famous phrase ‘Walk with me’.

* Diane is not happy at being paired with Nick. ‘I’m sure me and Mr Jordan will get on like a house on fire,’ she says sarcastically.

* Joseph isn’t happy about Sam playing cupid, ‘The only lady’s heart I’m interested in is this one,’ he says referring to his pacemaker patient.

* Diane is furious when she sees Ric’s real motives for her pairing with Nick, ‘You put me with him to be your snitch!’

* Nick is rude to Diane in theatre to provoke a reaction out of her. ‘Was that my baptism of fire?’ she asks him later. Nick replies ‘I don’t want a lapdog – I want a rotweiler!’

* After Diane standing her ground in theatre, an impressed Sam later tells her ‘Thought I had you down as Griffin’s yes girl’. She retorts, ‘I always thought of you as the on call clown!’

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