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HC Past Series

S8 E03

Episode Summary

Lola’s daughter, Cleo wants to drive her mum’s car to a party in Birmingham but Lola says no. Cleo is annoyed and speeds off in the car. Later, Cleo is admitted after being involved in an accident. The police come into the department to question Lola – assuming she was driving. Cleo asks her mother to cover for her otherwise she may lose her license, but Lola refuses and gets her to face up to her responsibilities.

Dancer Cara is brought in with a lypoma on her thigh and needs an operation. Dean is unhappy when he makes a mistake during the surgery procedure and Diane tells him to be realistic about his potential. Later, when Cara suffers stomach pains, Dean tries to prove himself by making a diagnosis and ordering treatment. Diane finds out and is furious. However, when Cara’s condition worsens and Diane operates she discovers Dean’s diagnosis was correct. Diane suggests that Dean will make a good doctor, rather than a surgeon.

Travellers, Moylan and his son Gavin are brought in after Moylan attacks their Social Worker, Imogen who is trying to bring a care order against him. As Lola treats Moylan for an injured arm, she is concerned with his disorientation and mood swings. A scan reveals he also has a stomach tumour. Whilst his father is being treated, Gavin is concerned he may have an STD and sees Mickie at the clinic. Tests reveals he has syphilis. Mickie is concerned by his secrecy and in her panic gives him an injection without going through Lola, as Moylan is rushing them to leave. Gavin later collapses due to being allergic to penicillin. It is also revealed Gavin caught the STD from Imogen. Lola lets Mickie off the hook, on the warning it must never happen again.


* Imogen Hobbs – cut to head.

* Moylan – stomach tumour, disprexia and gash to arm.

* Gavin Liddle – syphilis.

* Cara Bevalqua – lypoma and peritonitis.

* Cleo Sullivan – head injury from car accident.

Notable Facts

* Grace Kingslene plays Cleo Sullivan.

* Mark is doing a shift to cover on AAU.

* Stopping Matt giving Dean advice on women, Donna says ‘Thank you Yoda but me and RTD2 need to go through pre-med’.

* Dean is not happy at Diane’s reservations of his surgical skills ‘Good for holding hands but not scalpels?’ he says.

* Diane is furious with Dean when he goes behind her back ‘Don’t use one of my patients to prove a point!’

* ‘Is he going to die?’ asks Gavin. ‘Not on my shift’ Lola says.

* ‘I just wanted to be honest with her’ Dean says after being accused of scaremongering. ‘There are degrees of honesty’ Diane tells him.

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Screencaps : S8 E3

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