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HC Past Series

S8 E32

Episode Summary

The board have made their decision about Diane’s future. Connie reveals that she will not be sacked or suspended, but will have to work under Ric’s supervision. Diane is angry, but Ric tells her to go along with it. Later, Diane tries to set Nick up by secretly recording their conversation, but he spots the tape recorder and snatches it from her.

Meanwhile, the new Assistant General Manager, Bradley, begins his first day at Holby. When he asks Donna to come to the May ball that evening Donna is pleased, thinking he is interested in her. However, she is gutted to learn that Bradley actually likes Mickie, and it’s Reg who fancies Donna. Donna decides not to go to the ball, leaving Reg devastated. While waiting for a bus in the rain, Donna bumps into Justin, who offers her a lift home.

Elsewhere, [ID 1535]Matt[/ID] is deep in debt and gets a second job in the hospital admin department to help pay his credit card bill. He secretly attempts to juggle both jobs, but is caught out and sacked from the admin job. Matt befriends patient, Father John, who is brought in with chest pains. He is desperate to attend his daughter’s wedding, so Matt helps get him to the reception.

Biker Theo is brought in with a head injury and dizzy spells. After noticing a septic cut on his leg, Reg helps the team discover he has anthrax poisoning after Theo broke into an archeological dig site.

Tess and her brother Robin are brought in after a fire. Self-harmer Tess refuses to have her arm treated feeling to blame having started the blaze. In her confused state, Tess believes Robin abused her when she was younger, however her older sister eventually reveals it was infact her that was abused by Robin. Meanwhile Robin is found to have brain damage and is unlikely to recover.


* Tess Berryman – fractured arm, blood clot.

* Robin Berryman – brain damage sustained from fire.

* Father John – key hole surgery for heart condition.

* Theo – anthrax poisoning.

Notable Facts

* Martin Hancock plays Reg Lund.

* Diane is furious, ‘I’m about to lose my job because Nick was negligent,’ she tells Ric.

* ‘If they sack you, you’ve only got yourself to blame,’ Nick tells Diane. She slaps him.

* Sugababes ‘Push the Button’ plays in this episode.

* Calling Matt ‘Mr Moonlight’, Connie tells him ‘You think you could pass go, collect £200 and then come into work?!’

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