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HC Past Series

8.36 The Truth Will Out – 6/7/06

‘The Truth Will Out’ : Nick, still desperate to get the cardio role at St James’s, arranges for Lord Byrne to observe him operating on patient, Malcom Foster, who has an aneurism. Nick chooses Joseph to assist and, after some complications, he manages to talk Lord Byrne’s son through the procedure. Lord Byrne questions his unorthodox approach and infront of him and Connie, Jac reveals he was kicked out of his last hospital for negligence. Connie feels humiliated when Nick rants he only cares for his patients, not the colleagues he works with. Connie later warns him he’s made a bad enemy of her.

When Mark gets a needle prick, a screening shows he has minor hereditary condition of anaemia. Tricia and Mark decide to tell Chrissie that Tricia has the condition so she will also get tested, however Chrissie is still suspicious and goes searching for Tricia’s records. However before she can get hold of them, Mark finds them and is shocked to discover that her cancer has returned. After confronting Tricia, he gives her his full support.

Kyla finds a love letter and confides in Justin that she thinks Max might be gay. Max is angry when he finds out that Kyla has gone through his things. However, Kyla is furious when she returns home to find Max still up watching an 18-certificate film with Justin drinking alcohol whilst supposedly looking after him.

Matilda Watson is brought in with an enlarged liver. She is an alcoholic but tries to keep the extent of her problems secret as she is worried her teenage daughter, Becky, will be taken away from her. Matilda persuades her daughter to get her some alcohol from the car, but by the time she returns, Matilda is rushed into theatre. Later when Becky is found – upset and having drunk her mother’s alcohol – Matilda realises she need to get help on her own.

Cheynenne is brought in from an RTA with whiplash and arm injuries. She is in a band with her boyfriend, they have a scout interesting in signing them at a gig that day and she persuades him to go on his own.


* Malcolm Foster – aneurism.

* Matilda Watson – enlarged liver.

* Cheynenne Roberts – whiplash, arm injury.

Notable Facts

* Kyla has found a love letter to Max, written by ‘Harry’. Max later reveals Harry is short for Harriet.

* ‘Yo’ve already lost one registrar – the other wants your blood’ Connie tells Nick.

* ‘Where will it stop? Diane wasn’t the first and won’t be the last’ Jac tells Ric, about Nick’s behaviour.

* Nick’s speech to Lord Byrne includes ‘This isn’t a job it’s a way of life – sometimes we get lucky, sometimes we don’t.. I certainly don’t care if you’re happy, sad or singing show tunes.’

* Tricia reveals to Mark why she hadn’t told him about her cancer returning yet, ‘Once you say it out loud, you can’t pretend anymore’.

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