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HC Past Series

8.37 Extreme Measures – 11/7/06

‘Extreme Measures’ : After being forced to take Max to work with her, Kyla reluctantly agrees to let Justin take him to play football. Down in the hospital basements, Justin gets drunk and even gives a diabetic Max alcohol. Justin fails to realise that Max is unwell. And when Justin’s behaviour becomes threatening, Max wants to leave – he manages to alert his dad by phone. Kyla, Harvey and Donna race to find him and when they do he is unconscious. Harvey is furious with Justin and has him arrested whilst telling Kyla she is an unfit mother and will fight for custody.

A number of staff are attending a charity soiree. Connie uses the opportunity to take Nick, so he can schmooze with Lord Byrne. Following recent events, Connie hopes Lord Byrne will offer him a job away from Holby. Diane and Ric also attend and argue when Diane says she felt let down by him.

Connie’s plans are put on the back burner when as she is making a speech, a waiter Derek starts hurling abuse at her. He is angry that Connie gave a heart transplant to a different patient from his fiancee, who later died. Connie and Nick escort him to the kitchen where to their horror he detonates a bomb.

Nick and Connie are trapped and begin to treat the injured around them. Using kitchen utensils and equipment, Connie treats a seriously injured Derek whilst Nick treats an injured waitress Amber, who has a piece of metal penetrated through her heart. With Lord Byrne speaking to them on phone, Connie sees a way to continue with her plan to get Nick out when she asks Nick to perform heart surgery on Amber so as to impress him.

Back at hospital, Connie persuades the other candidate for the job to pull out and Nick is offered to consultant’s position at St Luke’s. ‘It’s been fun – we should do it again some time,’ Nick says smugly to Connie and Ric as he roars off in his car.


* Max Tyson – diabetic, falls unconscious after drinking alcohol.

* Amber – metal stuck through her heart.

* Derek – bomber with serious injuries.

Episode Summary

* Ronald Pickup plays Lord Byrne

* The episode starts with a scene after the incident has occured and then flashes back to the events of the previous four hours.

* Diane tells Ric he let her down ‘I needed your unequivical backing – I didn’t get it!’

* ‘You haven’t a clue what it’s like sending someone away to die!’ Connie angrily shouts back at Derek.

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Screencaps : S8 E37


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