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HC Past Series

8.39 Looking After Number One – 25/7/06

‘Looking After Number One’ : Joseph is back at work following his break, but it is soon clear that he is not managing his OCD. A woman, Mabel, comes into hospital with her son, Martin. She has been delaying her bypass operation because of her son’s psychiatric problems. Elliot tells Joseph not to operate as he feels he is not ready. Joseph takes drastic action by injecting himself to control his condition and then goes behind Elliot’s back by carrying out the operation, because he was on a promise with Martin.

A builder, Bill, who has been working on the air conditioning at the hospital, collapses with angina. His boss, Seb, is determined to get him back on his feet to fix the problems which are causing disruption in theatre. When Bill collapses, a temporary pacemaker is fitted.

Bradley is unpopular with the staff after piling pressure on Ric to take more patients and blaming Donna when she overdoses patient Bill, after he has changed the drug labelling system. To apologise, he offers to take Donna out to dinner. She gladly accepts and promptly cancels her plans with a devastated Reg.

A teenager, Pheona, is brought in with a bowel obstruction. Jac questions laxative abuse whilst her father makes things difficult due to his wife’s previous death at the hospital. The brother is later revealed to have given her laxatives.


* Pheona Allen – bowel obstruction.

* Mabel Phillips – bypass operation.

* Bill Sheldon – angina, pacemaker fitted.

Notable Facts

* Nabil Elouhabi plays Seb Carter.

* Charles Dale plays George Allen.

* Martin draws a picture of Tricia as an angel and one of her Joseph as a duck, reasoning ‘All calm above water but paddling like mad under water.’

* ‘Get Brad – he’s coming down with a case of apologitis!’ says Lola, following the drug labelling problems.

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