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HC Past Series

S8 E41

Episode Summary

Michael’s appeal day finally arrives and he is overjoyed to win. He tries to make amends with Connie and atone for the past. Connie is not sure if she can forgiven him but there is still a spark between them. Connie asks him to return home so they can discuss things. Chrissie is also shocked to see Michael at Holby again. She demands an apology but Michael is unrepentant, which upsets her. [ID 1598]Sam[/ID] has a drink with Chrissie to cheer her up.

Lola becomes further involved with baby Leanne when Leanne’s father, Steve, is admitted. Lola is convinced he is a drug user and tries to stall for time whilst she does tests. Ric questions Lola’s motives and her suspicions about Steve appear unfounded when they discover he has been injecting insulin for his diabetes. Lola hands the baby over and asks him to take good care of her.

A dancer, Claire, with a heart infection is brought in on the opening night of her show. She is distraught and tries to delay treatment so she can return to the theatre but she collapses as she attempts to leave. Her husband is upset when he learns she has had an abortion without telling him because she was more interested in furthering her career. Connie breaks the news she may find it difficult conceiving in future.

A man, Neil, suffers a punctured lung and broken rib, following his stag night. He confides in his male friend that he doesn’t want to get married and is infact gay.

Meanwhile Dean and [ID 15335]Matt[/ID] take their exams.


* Claire – heart infection, previous abortion causes problems.

* Neil – punctured lung and broken rib.

* Steve Spence – diabetic.

Notable Facts

* ‘We had a fling and it’s over,’ says Michael to Chrissie bluntly. ‘You knew exactly what you wanted and you got it,’ he adds, refusing to apologise.

* Chrissie tells Sam, referring to Michael ‘He’s impossible to argue with – he twists everything.’

* Sam reveals to Chrissie about the son he has never seen. ‘Who broke your heart?’ Chrissie asks him. ‘My son’ he says. Further adding ‘That’s life – living with other people’s decisions’.

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