S8 E44

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Episode Summary

There is increasing tension between [ID 1535]Matt[/ID] and Donna over the death of Bridie. The pair are treating patient Jerry (who’s been going out with Donna’s Nan) who has a hernia. But when he is given a morphine overdose, they are both hawled into Ric’s office and are asked who is reponsible for the error.

Meanwhile in the next bed, Colin, who has come in with leg ulcers is found dead following a heart attack.

Schizophrenic Guy, who is found to have a tumour, is brought in with his worried father, Trevor.

Connie and [ID 1598]Sam[/ID] operate on a patient but their flirting doesn’t impress Chrissie. Later, Connie is late for a procedure so Sam uses his initiative. When Connie arrives she criticises his approach so he leaves the operation, but later sparks fly in the staff room and they kiss.

Lola is asked out by Trevor. Ric says she is vulnerable and dating a patient’s relative could be a professional mistake. Furious at Ric’s meddling, she chooses to ignore his advice.


* Guy Heron – schizophrenic with tumour.

* Jerry Snape – hernia, accidental morphone overdose.

* Colin Merriman – leg ulcers, dies of heart attack.

Notable Facts

* Alex MacQueen plays Dr Greene.

* Andrew Lewis plays Paul Rose.

* Lynda Baron plays Donna’s Nan, Shirley Jackson.

* ‘Nobody walks away from me,’ Connie tells Sam. ‘As long as I walk around as a little mini-me’ he retorts. She slaps him and it ends in a passionate clinch.

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