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HC Past Series

S8 E08

Episode Summary

Lola finds teenager Amy drinking vodka and is demanding to see Donna. She is attempting to miscarry. Owen refuses to help give her an abortion without parent’s consent or Social Services involvement. They decide to call Social Services, but Amy is reluctant to tell the woman anything about her abuse. Meanwhile, her step-father, Nigel, arrives making matters worse. Amy runs off and takes an overdose of pills – Donna finds her collapsed. Realising her step-father has been abusing her, Owen hits out at him. Nigel threatens further action against him and gets Amy transferred.

A prison van carrying pregnant Molly crashes into a pedestrian, Bruno. Molly’s brother, Glen, arrives and is adamant that her baby will be put up for adoption. Molly suffers a placenta abruption and Owen performs and emergency caesaerean delivering a baby boy. Molly doesn’t want to give up her baby despite facing prison but she faces more bad news when they discover she has widely spread cancer. She begs her brother to take care of her new son.

Meanwhile Lola treats homeless Bruno and discovers he is an ex-marine. He has pneumonia and suffers panic attacks, due to his past job. Lola does her best to support him.

Chrissie makes her excuses to help treat patient, Molly, in Maternity so as to spend time with Owen. She hints that there is nothing left for her in Holby and that she plans to quit. Owen realises he doesn’t want to lose her but Chrissie tells him she doesn’t want to be his mistress. Owen says he will end his marriage to Diane. After shift, Owen tells Diane it’s over – she is distraught and speeds off in her car.


* Amy Jones – alcohol poisoning and miscarriage.

* Molly Cooper – baby boy delivered. Also has cancerous tumour.

* Bruno MacKenna – pneumonia, infected leg wound & panic attacks.

Notable Facts

* Rachel Hyde-Harvey plays Amy Jones.

* Ace Bhatti plays Andy Fishman.

* ‘Did you fall into a ditch?’ Lola asks of Bruno, noticing his dishelved clothing. She realises she’s put her foot in it when he reveals, ‘I’m homeless’.

* When Chrissie tells Owen she is leaving, he says ‘It’s probably for the best.’ Chrissie replies ‘Gutless and heartless’.

* ‘You need to be with someone who really loves you,’ Owen tells Diane when he breaks up with her. ‘And that’s not you?’ Diane asks. Owen replies ‘Not enough’.

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Screencaps : S8 E8

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