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HC Past Series

S8 E09

Episode Summary

Heavy-drinking Abra turns up in Holby again, needing a big favour from surgeon Ric, who he spent time with out in Ghana. Abra tells them he’s assisting in a transplant operation – his nephew, teenager Kyle has been waiting for a new liver for over 18 months and his mother has offered to be a live donor. Initially Ric refuses to help – particularly as Lola has told him his hand is not fully recovered – but when Jenny confides in Ric that Abra isn’t actually Kyle’s uncle but his father, he feels compelled to help the sick child. During the operation, in which Dean is helping by instructing the operating procedure from another surgeon by phone – Ric’s hand seizes up and Abra is needed to help cover him. The operation is a success and Abra is hugely grateful to Ric.

Meanwhile Diane calls ex-wife Laura when she is concerned that Owen’s recent case hitting a GP may harm his chances of gaining access to Katie. Laura turns up in the department and agrees to let Owen see Katie that week, and assumes Diane will be there too. Later she sees Owen, Chrissie and Diane together and guesses something is awry. Angry she runs away and trips on a trolley, hurting her leg. Diane treats her but, as a result of the fall, Laura develops a blood clot and dies. Owen is gutted and faces telling his daughter the news.

Diane is still desperate to reconcile her differences with Owen, but he is so distraught by the events he decides to confess all to Diane. He blurts out that their marriage is a sham and confesses he slept with Chrissie the night before their wedding.

On her way to work, Connie gets talking with a man, Lewis, in the lifts and assumes he is another surgeon. She feels foolish when she discovers he is infact a porter and makes spiteful comments to him during the shift. Later, Lewis collapses and he blames Connie for shouting at him. Connie is unable to find the cause of his collapse and [ID 1570]Elliot[/ID] discovers he has an unhealthy obsession with surgeons and has taken beater blockers to bring on the palpitations. However it backfires when Connie discovers he has a heart block condition made worse from taking the drug.


* Kyle Wallis – liver transplant.

* Jenny Wallis – donates her liver to son.

* Lewis Cooper – heart block condition brought on from taking beater blockers.

* Laura Davis – dies from blood clot.

Notable Facts

* Adrian Edmonson plays Abra.

* Karen Staples plays Laura Davis.

* Georgina Terry plays Katie Davis.

* Roger Sloman plays Lewis Cooper.

* Lola refuses to sign off Ric for another two weeks, ‘I don’t want to hear you’ve been near a theatre – not even a look!’

* Arriving back in Holby, a merry Abra greets Ric ‘Give me a hug big man!’

* Diane tries to forget Owen’s past in attempting to reconcile with him ‘I understand – I know you [& Chrissie] have a long history together’

* Diane forces a confession out of Owen however, claiming their marriage is a sham after he slept with Chrissie on stag night ‘That’s what kind of man I am – can you forgive me now?’

* ‘I never meant to hurt you’ Owen tells Diane. ‘Well you did – me and you never even existed. It was always her. It’s the least you deserve.’ Diane replies.

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