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Cas Series

S9 E01

S9 E1 (17 Sep 94) : Blood’s Thicker by Sam Snape

Episode Summary

Charlie is all suited for an interview for the post of Contracts Manager. Ash is already in conflict with the Senior Nurse Kate Wilson, who has taken a step down to take the Holby job.

Teenage mother Trudi Daw arrives in A&E with a gashed arm. New SHO Eddie Gordon becomes suspicious of a recent scar which at first Trudi claims to be from an appendix operation. She later confesses she has sold one of her kidneys in a desperate attempt to break away from her pimp and life on the streets. Her mother Diane brings in Trudi’s young daughter and decides to support her and also break away from her abusive boyfriend, Barry.

Colin Miller, who has absconded from a young offenders’ centre fetches his younger brother Rory from a children’s home. Colin urges Rory to run away with him, but he has dreams of joining the army. Angry Colin runs off into wasteground, but as Rory goes after him he falls and traps his leg under a girder. Josh Griffiths, who is now a motorcycle paramedic, comes to their aid. In Resus, Rory’s condition worsens and he dies – Colin is distraught and in his ensuing temper is taking away by police.

Eddie questions her role in A&E and if she is cut out for the job, meanwhile Charlie learns his interview was sucessful but decides to turn the position down.


* Trudi Daw – faces losing her only kidney and a life on dialysis after being beaten up.

* Rory Miller – dies from a haemorage after falling and injuring his leg on wasteground

First Words/ Scene

A suited Charlie walks outside of the hospital, sees the A&E sign and checks him watch. He then notices Josh ride up on his bike.

Charlie : What else did you get for Christmas? (referring to his bike)

Josh : Where did you get that tie?

Charlie : It’s not that bad is it?

Josh : Worse

Last Words/ Scene

Ash : Congratualtions Charlie!

Adam : Nice One!

Kate : Clever man, ejit!

Charlie : How come you all know already?

Mike : Hospital grapevine Charlie, everyone knows you got the job

Rachel : Well done Charlie!

Eddie : You escaped you lucky devil!

Charlie : I escaped by the skin of my teeth!

Mike : When do you start?

Charlie : I don’t… I turned them down!

Notable Facts

* Linda Henry (Bad Girls) plays Diane Daw.

* Jan Anderson (Chloe) appears as an extra, working in the hosiptal canteen.

* A different filming method was used at the beginning of Series 9 to give the show a ‘gritty’ effect, however viewers complained and it was changed back a few episodes later.

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