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Cas Series

S9 E19

S9 E19 (18 Feb 95) : Out of Time by David Joss Buckley

Episode Summary

Ash returns to work after his court battle but finds it hard putting the matter behind him. He tells Charlie he’s considering other work options; Charlie attempts to dissuade him.

Mike is acting distant towards Rachel after recieving a letter from his estranged wife, Anne, wanting a marriage reconciliation. He finally tells Rachel, who says he should agree to it.

Eddie is touchy; she has her exam results but is too afraid to open the letter. Mike does so for her and tells her she has passed.

Louise Rathbone, a sixties film star and model, enters a private clinic for liposuction on her legs. She is sent home immediately after the operation and, clearly in pain, tries to hide her distress from her husband, Peter, and daughter, Claire. Workaholic Peter is a photographer, and the stream of young models passing though his studio is a constant reminder to Louise of her advancing years and fading beauty. She is convinced her husband has lost interest in her. She decides to go out, but a friend finds Louise on the roadside in unbearable pain. At A&E, Eddie tells her that the wounds have become infected and Kate tries to sympathise with her fears.

Sheena Thomas, recently widowed when her husband was killed in a road accident, works as a lorry driver to keep the family business alive. Her baby, Ffion, travels everywhere with her. Worried about Ffion’s constant crying, Sheena takes her to Holby where Eddie diagnoses nothing worse than a cold, and Sheena goes on her way. However, she is now late with her delivery and, struggling to make up lost time, she crashes the lorry. Fireman cut her from the cab and she is taken to Holby. Eddie recognises her and asks about the baby. The fire brigade is contacted, and Ffion is brought out of the wreckage alive and unhurt.

Darren Cody is brought in after being bitten by a dog. He becomes edgy at the sight of needles, and Eddie accidentally patronises Ash.


* Louise Rathbone – infection after liposuction to legs.

* Sheena Thomas – injuries from lorry crash.

* Darren Cody – dog bite.

First Words/ scene

Woman on bike posing for photoshoot. Photographer Peter takes pictures;

Peter : Yeah that’s good, yeah, nice bike eh? Bet you could ride that.. lovely, like that.. right leg down, right leg! very good…

Last Words/ scene

Charlie’s office;

Charlie : Your place is here, your a damn fine nurse!

Ash : And I want to pass on my expertise

Charlie : Please Ash, don’t make any rash decisions, go home, think about it and then we’ll talk again, yeah?

Ash : OK I’ll think about it, but don’t get your hopes up.

Notable Facts

* Philip McGough plays Peter Rathbone.

* Charles Dale plays Phil Tully.

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