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HC Past Series

9.47 Friends Reunited – 4/9/07

Episode Summary

Jac is tending to Alan, the patient who denied raping his wife, but neglects him when she runs into Graham, an old school pal. After work, Jac is planning to meet Graham when a man appears from the shadows and attacks her. She should have paid more attention to Alan.

Maddy’s sister Hannah arrives at Holby with her six-year-old daughter Sunny. Maddy is horried to learn that Sunny has overdosed on methadone – and Hannah wants Maddy to cover up for her. Will she agree? And at what cost?

Also, Sam tells Chrissie he will end his relationship with Faye so they can be together – but he hesitates when Faye covers up a mistake he makes.

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Screencaps : S9 E47

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