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HC Character

Sacha Levy

Played by Bob Barrett


S12 E13 ‘Talk to Me’ –

Job Title

Specialist Registrar General Surgery

First Words

Sacha : Hi!

Chrissie : What are you doing here?

Sacha : Working

Chrissie : Right, what happened to St Giles. I thought you worked there?

Sacha : Oh, wasn’t for me, not my kind of job. I’m just doing some Locum work for now. So what happened, couple of dates was enough for you? Not a fan of the hairy back?!


Two daughters, Rachel & Beka from previous relationship. One son, Daniel (with Chrissie)


Laidback and compassionate, doctor Sacha is not motivated by ambition but to help people. He is a generous and warm-hearted family man, protective of those he loves but he can sometimes be tactless and too kind for his own good.

Sacha makes his first arrival in S12 E13, when he arrives as a Locum in Holby. Pregnant Chrissie is shocked to see him – they had previously gone on a date – and she does her best to avoid him. But we and Sacha soon learn that he is the father of her child. He next makes an appearance in S12 E24, when he return to Holby to work full-time. Chrissie is alarmed to see him back and finds him infuriating. In S12 E27, Sacha is determined to annoy a hungover Oliver who is desperate for an easy ride on Holby Care. In S12 E28, Chrissie goes into early labour, her baby boy is delivered by emergency C-section. Chrissie finally admits to Mark that Sacha is the father. In S12 E29, Chrissie tries to embrace Sacha’s family – his two daughters, Rachel and Beka, and his larger-than-life mother, Esther – but finds it all too much when Esther starts talking about wedding plans. She tells Sacha he will always be a part of baby Daniel’s life, but they will never be a family. In S12 E36, Jac is determined to crack a complicated medical case and show that she’s a lone operator, so she’s frustrated when she realises that she and Sacha make a good, if unlikely, team. In S12 E40, Mark receives a complaint about Sacha making inappropriate comments about a patient. He checks up on Sacha’s past and discovers he was accused of sexual harassment at his last hospital. Mark confronts Sacha, who complains to Michael that Mark has abused his power. The complaint against Sacha is dropped, as was the previous allegation, which was proved false. But Mark’s suspicions have been aroused. In S12 E41, Sacha and Jac compete with each other to get a rise out of Elizabeth but Sacha is shocked when Jac takes the joke too far by hiding baby Daniel, sending Elizabeth into a panic and possibly affecting the dynamic of the team. In S12 E42, mud sticks and when Mark questions Donna about Sacha’s behaviour with the female staff, the rumor mill kicks in. When a patient overhears Donna gossiping they decide they don’t want to be treated by Sacha. Jac spins this to her advantage, but in the end it is Jac who stands up for Sacha and quashes the rumors once and for all. In S12 E49, after a shift trying to achieve the impossible – an empty ward – Jac finally accepts Sacha as her friend. In S12 E54, Sacha realises he’s upset Jac after making her feel like a laughing stock a a couple of weeks previous. He teams up with Donna to prove he’s sorry. This backfires and Jac tells him she doesn’t want to be part of the “gang”. Sacha decides the real way to show he’s truly sorry is to take Jac to dinner.

In S13 E3, Chrissie returns from maternity leave, but Sacha misses the chance to win her affections when she immediately sets her sights on Greg. In S13 E8, Sacha provides Chrissie with a shoulder to cry on when a patient complains about a mistake she made during his operation – but remains unaware that Jac was responsible for the error. In S13 E10, tired and stressed, Chrissie is heading for meltdown and Sacha continues to be of support. Chrissie starts to realise how amazing he is and wonders if her perfect man is staring her in the face. But it’s not long before he’s back in her bad books. In S13 E13, Sacha tries everything to get back on Chrissie’s good side. He’s apologised, bought her shoes, and now he’s volunteered to supervise her on her first week after her hearing. But Chrissie isn’t having it and Sacha’s apologetic efforts sideline his patients, putting their health at risk. In S13 E14, Chrissie and Sacha are getting closer but Chrissie fears that Sacha still has feelings for her. She distances herself from him, leaving him devastated. In S13 E17, Greg gets more than he bargained for when he tries to involve Mary-Claire in a plan to take Sacha’s mind off Chrissie. Sacha claims to be head-over-heels in love with Mary-Claire. Worried that Sacha might get hurt, Greg comes clean and suggests Mary-Claire may not quite feel the same about him. But it soon becomes clear that a prank is afoot. Chrissie starts dating Dan and in S13 E22, Sacha has to do some serious back-peddling when he is bamboozled into telling Dan about the first time he met Chrissie. He unintentionally reveals too much information, leaving Dan with the wrong impression of her. In S13 E26, Sacha is determined to be happy for Chrissie and Dan, but it’s not easy when they don’t seem to share the same medical ethos. In S13 E31, Sacha has to step up to the plate when he’s moved to AAU and puts people’s noses out of joint with his officious management style, but soon learns a valuable lesson. Next episode in S13 E32, Sacha struggles to control his team, as Frieda and Chrissie become increasingly frustrated with each other, and he has to take a tough stance. In S13 E34, Sacha tries to maintain the ward in all the chaos and when Eddi, who comes in with a patient, witnesses all the disorganisation, she persuades Sacha to give her a job for the day. Impressed with her skills, he later offers her a full time position. In S13 E37, Sacha hears that Chantelle is no longer required he offers to be the one to tell her, but soon realises that breaking the news to little Miss Sunshine might not be as easy as he thought. In S13 E38, the new Sacha learns to put himself and his son first. In S13 E39, having resolved to overcome his unrequited feelings for Chrissie, Sacha is charmed by the attractive daughter of a patient. In S13 E40, faced with the difficult task of finding Penny’s replacement on AAU, Sacha is presented with two highly opposed candidates and comes up with a novel selection process in his “Doctor Idol” competition. In S13 E44, Sacha connects with a professional snowboarder, Josh, who is brought in with a head injury, but Eddi is concerned that he is too emotionally involved. In S13 E52, it’s Josh’s last day and Sacha is determined to send him off on a high. But Dan’s interference on Josh’s case winds up Sacha and his personal turmoil threatens to distract him. It’s also the day of Chrissie’s engagement party but Chrissie has avoided spreading the word for fear of hurting Sacha’s feelings. Dan decides to take charge of the party arrangements but Chrissie’s delay in breaking the news to Sacha has repercussions.

In S14 E2, Sacha is forced to remain secretive about the results of a patient’s scan in the best interests of his team. When Chrissie suspects Sacha knows more than he’s letting on, she goes behind his back to prove the patient’s diagnosis is wrong which falters Sacha’s cause. In S14 E8, during her bridal fitting with Sacha, Chrissie shares her doubts about her impending wedding to Dan. In S14 E11, Sacha is determined to cheer up Chrissie after her recent split from Dan but when he wrongly assumes her feelings for him aren’t real, he risks losing everything. She heads to the airport alone and with a race against time Sacha hitches a lift with Jac on her bike to find Chrissie in time. Thinking he has missed his chance, Sacha makes a frantic last phone call declaring his love for her – he turns round to see Chrissie and they embrace. In S14 E16, a happy Chrissie and Sacha return from their holiday in Australia. Dan is forced to work with them and pretends he is fine with their burgeoning romance. But it’s not long before his anger takes over and Dan has to face some painful truths. In S14 E18, Sacha’s plan to give Chrissie everything she wants, including her dream house, goes awry when he discovers he can’t access the money he needs through his pension fund.  Unable to admit the truth to Chrissie, Sacha takes on extra hours in Holby Care to secure the necessary funds.

Memorable Moments

  • S12 E13 – Sacha makes his arrival and we learn he is the father of Chrissie’s unborn baby.
  • S12 E28 – Chrissie has a baby boy and admits to Mark that Sacha is the father.
  • S12 E29 – Chrissie finds it difficult dealing with Sacha’s overbearing mother and two daughters.
  • S12 E40 – Sacha is accused of sexual harrassment.
  • S12 E42 – Jac helps Sacha clear his name from accusations.
  • S13 E14 – Chrissie distances herself from Sacha, worried he still has feelings for her.
  • S13 E17 – Greg’s plan to cheer Sacha up backfires on him.
  • S13 E40 – Sacha creates a ‘Doctor Idol’ competition to find a replacement doctor for Penny.
  • S14 E8 – Chrissie shares her concerns to Sacha about her impending wedding to Dan.
  • S14 E11 – Sacha’s Christmas wish comes true when him and Chrissie get together.


“I like with women with curves, not corners”

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