Sahira Shah

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Played by Laila Rouass


S13 E18 ‘Blue Valentine’ – S14 E27 ‘Ribbons’

Job Title

Specialist Registrar, Cardiothoracic Surgery

First Words

Sahira walks into Greg coming out of the lift and spills her coffee.

Sahira : My shirt!

Last Words

Sahira : Just some show, some feeling. This whole ‘You wasted my time’, this betrayal, just explain!

Hanssen : Why?

Sahira : Because

Hanssen : And who benefits from this so call show of feeling, other than you.

(Sahira is last seen driving away out of the Holby gates)


Memorable Moments

“I didn’t bake the cupcakes. I bought them and then put them in some tupperware to look like i’d made them.”


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