Sasha Behar

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Plays Alex Broadhurst

DATE OF BIRTH : 25th September 1971

FAMILY : She has two younger brothers

PARTNER : Actor Jamie Glover

CHILDREN : Two daughters

CASUALTY APPEARANCE : Sasha played Liz Marcart in 4 episodes of CASUALTY; S19 E34-37.

PREVIOUS HOLBY CITY APPEARANCE : Sasha played Nandita Gupta in S4 E14 ‘Shadow of A Doubt P2’ [See More]

TELEVISION CREDITS : Poirot; Bugs; Theif Takers; The Bill; North Square; Rescue Me; Doctors; Coronation Street; The Government Inspector; Casualty; Heroes and Myths; Lewis; Homeboys; Dr Who; Sold; Messiah; Jonathan Creek; New Tricks; The Shadow Line; Injustice;  Strike Back; Sherlock; Holby City

FILM CREDITS : Incendiary

THEATRE CREDITS : The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant; The Island Princess; Eastward Ho; The Malcontent,

AGENT : Ken McReddie Ltd, 11 Connaught Place, London W2 2ET

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