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Save Holby City

Fans have been left shocked and baffled by the bewildering decision by the BBC to axe HOLBY CITY after 23 years.

A show which is hugely popular, highly diverse, contains topical storylines and has an incredibly strong fanbase. A show which boasted a supportive, kind family of cast and crew who didn’t deserve to be given no prior notice to the announcement. A show which was a huge stepping stone for many guest artists. A show which literally saved lives from viewers becoming aware of diagnosis to becoming an escapism for fans who related to characters including mental health and LGBTQ issues. How can the BBC say Holby City isn’t diverse nor provides significant representation? We deserve a right to a say in what shows should be axed.

A petition has already been set up to fight the decision. We urge you to please sign it here.

You can also make you feelings known to the BBC by visiting the BBC complaints website or make a comment on their Comments website.

Use #SAVEHolbyCity on all social media and as much as you can!

The BBC need to understand what a hugh error of judgement they have made with this decision.

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