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Cas Character

Sean Maddox

Played by Gerald Kyd


S13 E1 – S14 E30

Job Title

Senior House Officer

First Words

What have we got?


SHO Sean Maddox started at A&E only a few weeks before we meet him, aged 25. A beginner at the job, he was best described as a ‘big kid with a life saving kit’. Sean was a ‘bad boy’ at school, who was expelled many times from school, but he never learnt from this – even in work he tended to sail close to the wind, but he had the potential to be a good doctor. And he was ambitious with it, but staff seemed to take it as arrogance – but he wins them round with his charm, and we find behind his flirtatiousness, he is a sensitive man, who once dated a girl who was deaf – and we learn he has kept his knowledge of sign language.

Sean is thrown in at the deep end in one of his first shifts; in S13 E2 when he is on hand to save staff members Mark and Julie, after a car smash outside the grounds. We find it’s not going to be an easy ride for him – in S13 E7, Sean treats a teenage boy, Eugene, who falls and cuts his hand in a pub. He arrives at A&E with his drunken friend. Sean discharges him against Eve’s wishes. Later Eugene suffers a cardiac arrest at the bookies, he is rushed to hospital where Sean tries to save him, but fails. In S13 E8, Eugene’s post mortem results arrive – Max tells Sean to rethink his statement, he also gets a visit from Eugene’s distraught mother. Sean also starts to date nurse Tina, and she helps him through his troubles. In S13 E9, Sean treats an elderly lady, who has injured her ankle after falling down some stairs – after checking her vision, he diagnoses a condition of glaucoma. In S13 E10, we see Sean’s sign language skills when a deaf factory worker is brought in after burning his hands. S13 E11 – Max gives Sean a rehearsal for the pending court case, next episode the court records a verdict of misadventure, but Eugene’s father decides to take civil action against Sean. In S13 E14, a young woman with lacerations to her lip from a dog attack is in a cubicle and overhears Sean and Max discussing the case, worried she asks if Tina can treat her instead, which annoys Sean. In S13 E19, Sean and Chloe are called out to a police station as a man inside needs medical attention, but a blockade is going on outside. After the incident, in which Chloe breaks up with her boyfriend PC Pat Garratt, upset she is left alone in a cubicle with Sean – and they kiss. Next episode, it is clear they have slept together, feeling guilty they are both ill at ease with eachother. In S13 E21, Sean receives news that Eugene Rafferty’s case is going to court. In S13 E22, a lady Mrs Thorne arrives after a fall. She complains after having to wait for an x-ray which reveals nothing. However, later Sean rechecks the x-rays and finds she has a tumour in her leg. When she is called back and learns Sean may have saved her life she is very grateful. In S13 E23, Sean worries about the court case, he also diagnoses a fireman with Huntingdon’s disease, after noticing tremors in his hand. Eve tells him she has noticed a distinct improvement in his attitude, but is still learning like everyone else. In S13 E25, Tina dumps Sean, as she feels he is too involved worrying about his case. In S13 E26, Sean is troubled as the Rafferty family meet with the Trust to come to an arrangement. Mr and Mrs Rafferty unhappily accept their offer of £2,000, a written apology and a bench in the ground, as they couldn’t afford to carry on with the case. While this is going on, Sean saves the life of a baby in CRASH, much to the joy of it’s mother. Mr Rafferty arrives in A&E and confronts Sean, and hits him. The police are called, although Sean doesn’t wish to press charges. He apologises for his role in Eugene’s death and there is a truce when they shake hands. Tina and Sean also get back together in S13 E27, he asks her to move in with him, but next episode Tina discovers Chloe is pregnant – by Sean from their one night stand. Tina can’t believe it.

Sean finds out Chloe is pregnant at the beginning of Series 14, he even asks if it is his, in which Chloe slaps him. He says he will support her financially if she decides to keep the baby. He wants to get back with Tina, but she tells him she no longer has his trust, and starts doing night shifts to avoid him. In S14 E6, Eve is upset at the death of her friend, Gerry. She feels to blame – Sean tells her she did nothing to be ashamed of, but relieved his suffering. In S14 E10, Sean finds it hard treating a man with a mental condition in which he is obsessed with cleanliness. Tina finally accepts Sean’s apology and Sean’s grandfather comes to visit him, as every year they visit the cemetery together to visit an old war friend. But they don’t get time and Fin arranges a one minute silence at the hospital. In S14 E13, Chloe tells Sean she has had an abortion, and while studying for his exams, the abortion is all he can think about. In S14 E15, Sean is ready to take the charity parachute jump and is partnered with Tina, until she accidentally shuts his hand in a car door. She later kisses Max. In S14 E16, he asks Tina to spend Christmas with him, but she says no. In S14 E20, Sean is back from his revision break, he tells Max he is finally over Tina. He also finds out he has failed his exams. Later Sean finds Max and Tina kissing and goes mad. He takes his frustration out on Max’s new car. In S14 E21, a doctor friend of Sean’s is brought in after overdosing, because he also failed his exams. Max also tells Sean, that if things don’t improve between them, one of them will have to reconsider their position at A&E. In S14 E22, Sean and Tina get back together once more, she says she will tell Max, but before she does, Max’s son is brought in and dies of severe burns. Tina tells Sean she needs to be with Max, and they discuss their guilt. In S14 E26, Max proposes to Tina, and Sean sees them leave together. He feels there is nothing left for him and next episode tells Max and [ID 284]Adam[/ID] he is leaving for Australia. Tina finds out at the end of shift and rushes to catch him at the station. She is angry he didn’t say goodbye and even asks him to marry her as the train pulls away. In S14 E29, Tina decides to leave Holby for Australia, in search for Sean, he is working as a doctor in Alice Springs with another female doctor. Tina coincidentally meets her father, Byron, and they drive in the outback to find Sean. Byron suffers an attack at the wheel and Tina goes off to find help. As she does, Sean finds Byron at the roadside and takes him to hospital – when Tina gets back to the truck, everyone is gone. She starts on a walk and collapses. When Byron wakes, he reveals Tina was with him, leaving Sean to go back and search for her in the outback. He manages to find her on the roadside. He later proposes to her, and they ring the Holby team to tell them the good news.

Memorable Moments

Gallery : Sean Maddox

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