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HC Character

Sean Thompson

Played by Chinna Wodu


S7 E6 – S7 E43

Job Title

Senior House Officer

First Words


Strong, masculine, cocky and laid back, football loving Sean Thompson’s a popular and excellent SHO, with a bright future ahead of him. Sean doesn’t have a minute to waste and incredibly outspoken, covering what would be rudeness in others with wit and charm. He is born of Afro Caribbean, immigrant, parents but was fostered out aged three.

Never comfortable in foster care, Sean had a difficult relationship with many of his foster parents, going off the rails as puberty hit. Naturally academically gifted, Sean often had to move school. He found many of the comprehensives he attended didn’t challenge him academically, so soon became bored, finding amusement with the wrong crowd. Incensed at his rebellious behaviour, he rowed with his foster father, and, in a flash of anger, assaulted him. Aged 14, his foster father vowed that he was washing his hands of Sean and, had it not been for the intervention of PC Matthew Burchill, the officer assigned to his case, Sean would easily have received a custodial sentence.

Seeing something in Sean, Matthew and his wife, Liz took Sean in. Sean not only had to deal with being the son of a policeman, but also the fact that his foster parents are white – a burden he carried with his usual wisecracking and sharp intellect. Sean had a turbulent background until Matt showed him what being a good father was all about. For the first time, Sean had people he could comfortably call Mum and Dad, but he still yearns to find out more about his past.

Despite a turbulent start to his relationship with Matthew and Liz, Sean found the necessary drive and encouragement to work hard enough to get through his exams. Sean being Sean, he set his sights high and decided he was going to be a doctor.

Socially, Sean can be the life and soul, but it’s largely a front. He makes friends easily, but very few people get to see below the surface. Sean won’t give information about his private life away unless he trusts completely – a legacy of his insecure past. He’s comfortable with his own company, often enjoying a solo cycle ride, or practicing his guitar in a quiet corner playing along to his favourite Jazz and R&B, but once his trust has been gained, he’s fiercely loyal.

Matthew and Liz worried about what Sean was going to do with his life, despite his undoubted intelligence. A cruel twist of fate gave Sean the direction he had been lacking. Aged just 16, Sean found himself facing up to the death of Liz through cancer. Grief stricken at the loss of the only woman he had ever felt comfortable enough to call ‘mum’, he turned his attention to medicine. Studying hard to achieve the grades, Sean excelled and was offered a place at UCH in London.

Because of his history, Sean has already decided that he wants to focus on oncology. When he reaches Registrar level that is where he will specialise. Sean has recently transferred to Holby keen to practice there due to its excellence in cancer treatment. He’s entered a rotation in the anaesthetic’s department and has his career plan carefully mapped out; his next move being a rotation in the general surgical wards. There he will come under the wing of a new mentor – Ric. Ric, for all his flaws, is the kind of doctor Sean aspires to be and Ric recognises in him the son he wishes Leo had been.

Sean’s first day is in S7 E6. Donna tells Jess she needs to move on from Zubin and suggests Sean is a good catch, but Jess finds him arrogant and is not interested. After he loses a patient, however, Jess comforts him and kisses him on the cheek. At the end of their shift, they agree to go out together and share a passionate kiss in the lift. In S7 E9, Jess confides in Donna that she thinks she may have a urine infection. Whilst looking on the computer, Donna sees that a member of staff has tested themselves for chlamydia. She tells Jess that she believes Sean may have an STD. Jess confronts Sean and he tells her that his ex-girlfriend recently told him that she had chlamydia and that he should get himself tested. Jess is furious that he didn’t tell her but he says he was waiting until he got the results. Jess tells Sean that she doesn’t want to see him anymore. She gets herself tested and discovers she doesn’t have chlamydia – but instead discovers that she is pregnant. In S7 E10, Sean asks Donna why Jess has dumped him. Donna says it is because he gave her an infection. Sean tells her he did not have chlamydia but Donna says he must be lying as Jess needs to go to the toilet frequently. Sean tells Jess that she must be the one with a STD, when she denies this he says he will find out. Jess begs Mickie to bin her records saying she is pregnant. Later Sean guesses she is pregnant and tells her he wants to be with her. In S7 E12, Sean is excited about the baby and asks Jess when she will tell Ric. Jess says that she is not ready to talk about it yet. Jess is forced to let slip about Leo’s baby that died, when Sean makes converstation with him. Ric is furious at not being told. Sean apologises to Jess but she tells him to leave her alone. Later, Sean tells Jess he wants to support her. Jess says she needs space and he says she can have all the time she needs. She later discovers that the baby she’s carrying is Zubin’s. In S7 E13, Sean tries to talk to Jess but she avoids him. At the end of his shift Sean finds Jess outside on a bench. She tells him she tried to go for an abortion but could not go through with it after her last experience two years ago. She tells Sean that she is not ready to be a mother and she will have to go ahead with the termination. Sean begs her not to and tells her to move in with him. He says that he was fostered from the age of three and wants to have a real family and be a father to her baby. They hug and Sean promises he will be there for her. In S7 E14, Jess plans to move in with Sean, while Donna and Mickie both tell her it’s a bad idea not telling Sean the truth about who the father of the baby really is. Zubin has returned from Paris, and in S7 E15 is shocked to learn that Jess is now dating Sean, but makes out to her that he is pleased. In S7 E16, Sean assists Ric on an operation and they get on well. He tells Jess that he has bonded with Ric and suggests they tells him about the baby before her bump starts to show. Jess agrees and asks Ric to dinner with them that night. However, treating an old couple that are truly in love makes Jess realise she does not love Sean. She tells him she does not feel the same way about him and that she needs space. Sean snaps, saying that he is fed up of her messing him around. He tells her to move out of his flat. Ric goes to collect Jess so they can go out for dinner. She tells him she has split up with Sean and asks if she can stay with him for a while. Ric wants to know what is going on and Jess crumbles – she tells him she is pregnant. In S7 E17, Ric is short with Sean all day and Zubin wonders what has happened. A patient accidentally hits Jess and leaves a bruise above her eye. Later, Sean demands that Jess tell Ric the truth behind their break up – he is fed up with Ric thinking he is the guilty party. Zubin watches and the argument gets heated. Zubin goes to tell Ric that Jess has a bruise on her face and he thinks Sean may be mistreating her. Ric’s suspicions are further fuelled when Jess tells him she wants to get away for a while and stay with her mother. Ric is furious and pulls Sean into an empty office, pinning him against the wall. Zubin enters and tries to diffuse the situation. Sean tells Ric that the reason he and Jess split is because she did not want to be with him anymore so he asked her to move out. Zubin is shocked to learn Jess is pregnant. In S7 E19, Jess is back at work, she tells Ric that she has made up her mind – she does not love Sean. Sean tells Zubin that he has not heard from Jess since she has been at her mums – he is shocked when Zubin tells him she is back. Sean tries to talk to Jess but she is not interested. Zubin tells Jess that it is for the best if Sean is the father but if the baby is his he will support her. Jess lies that the baby is Sean’s but is upset to see that Zubin is relieved. In S7 E20, Jess is in pain, Sean insists that she get checked out in maternity. The baby is fine but she is slightly anaemic. Sean speaks to Ric and Zubin and tells them he is worried about Jess. They ask Zubin to speak to her as she may listen to him. Zubin relents and tries to talk to her but Jess feels suffocated and storms out of work. Sean follows and tells her he loves her. She blurts out that the baby is not his. In S7 E21, Jess realises that being a single mother will be hard and, when Sean asks if they can try again as friends, she readily accepts. In S7 E23, Sean tells Jess to stop taking him for granted. He wants to know if people will know the baby is not his, is the father white? Jess avoids his questions. In S7 E24, Jess and Sean go for a routine scan. Mubbs comments that the baby is 22 weeks but Sean insists it is only 18 weeks. Later Sean warns Mubbs not to tell anyone how far gone she is. Later, Jess begins to bleed and is rushed into maternity. She is taken into surgery to stop her losing the baby. During the procedure, Jess has an allergic reaction to an antibiotic but Zubin saves her. Whilst operating, Mubbs reveals that she is 22 weeks pregnant – Zubin looks shocked. When she awakes Jess tells Zubin that the baby is not Sean’s – she lied thinking Zubin would make her have a termination. Jess says Sean will make a good father. Zubin agrees that he will – but not to this baby. In S7 E25, Jess is still recovering from her operation. Sean comes to see her with some news – he asks Jess to marry him. Zubin enters and Jess tells her that Sean has proposed. Later, Zubin comes to see Jess and warns her she is making a mistake. He tells her he wants to take care of her. Jess’s face lights up – thinking he wants to be with her. Zubin says he can give her a car and a house and financial security. Jess is furious, realising he just wants to give her money. She says she refuses to be his dirty secret and that she has given up waiting for him. in S7 E26, Zubin tries to talk to Jess about Sean. She tells him she wants a man who loves her – not a financial arrangement. Jess is disappointed when Zubin says he hopes everything works out for them. Sean talks to Jess about wedding plans. Jess reminds him that she has not said yes yet and she wants to take things slowly. Sean takes this to mean that the way he proposed was the problem so he decides to ask for Ric’s blessing. When he is given it an overjoyed Sean tells Jess the news. He takes out a ring and proposes but they are interrupted by a patient. Later, Sean badgers Jess for an answer he warns her that he will not wait around forever. In S7 E27, Zubin tells Jess he is glad she is not rushing into marriage with Sean. She tells him this is none of his business and goes to tell Sean she will accept his proposal. Sean is elated and breaks the news to Ric who says they will have celebratory drinks in the bar that night. Zubin is shocked and speaks to Sean alone, attempting to put him off the marriage. Sean realises that Zubin is the father and warns him to stay away from Jess. Zubin tells Ric he needs to talk to him and finally admits the truth that Jess is carrying his child – Ric is furious at being the last to know again and hits Zubin. In S7 E28, Jess reveals to Ric that she followed Zubin to Paris and that he did not seduce her. She turns round to see that Sean has overheard the conversation. They talk and Sean realises she does not love him, they decide to end their relationship.

Memorable Moments

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