Sebastian Grayling

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Played by Rik Makarem


S31 E10 ‘Shock to the System’– S31 E17 ‘What Lurks in the Heart’

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First Words

Neil.. Hi I’m the new F1 reporting for duty


Seb joins the team with a cocky, smarmy attitude that immediately rubs Dylan up the wrong way. Elle later decides to make Dylan his mentor.

Despite his confident exterior, we see that having a strict Consultant Surgeon for a father is a great pressure for Seb and something that when Dylan learns this, sympathises with him.

However when Seb makes an advance on Dylan only to be rejected, it escalates into a fully lodged complaint against Dylan. Seb later retracts the complaint and him and Dylan make amends. Dylan tells him he is a good doctor, should step away from his father’s shadown and he is transferred to another hospital.

Memorable Moments

  • S31 E10 – Seb joins the team and Elle decides to make Dylan his mentor.
  • S31 E11 – Dylan sympathises with Seb when he realises he is terrified of disappointing his Consultant father.
  • S31 E14 – A drunk Seb makes an ill-judged pass at Dylan and is mortified when he is rejected.
  • S31 E15 – Seb makes an allegation against Dylan of sexual advances.
  • S31 E16 – Elle tells Dylan about Seb’s complaint against him. Whilst Seb tries to focus on his patients.
  • S31 E17 – Seb comes clean after his allegations against Dylan and is transferred to another hospital with his support.

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