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Cas Series

> Series 16

15/9/01 – 29/6/02

Episode Listing

  • S16 E1 (15 Sep 01) : Holding the Baby by Stephen McAteer
  • S16 E2 (22 Sep 01) : Dirty Laundry by Clive Dawson & Stephen McAteer
  • S16 E3 (29 Sep 01) : All’s Fair by David Lane
  • S16 E4 (6 Oct 01) : Crash Course by Paul Cornell
  • S16 E5 (13 Oct 01) : Bringing Up Baby by Dan Sefton
  • S16 E6 (20 Oct 01) : White Lies by Peter Mills
  • S16 E7 (27 Oct 01) : Facing the Future by Jo O’Keefe
  • S16 E8 (3 Nov 01) : For My Next Trick by Vicky Cleaver
  • S16 E9 (10 Nov 01) : Distant Elephants Leslie Stewart
  • S16 E10 (17 Nov 01) : It’s a Family Affair by Chris Webb
  • S16 E11 (24 Nov 01) : The Morning After by Edel Brosnan
  • S16 E12 (1 Dec 01) : Best Intentions by Maurice Bessman
  • S16 E13 (8 Dec 01) : Someone to Watch Over Me by Ann Marie di Mambro
  • S16 E14 (15 Dec 01) : Happily Ever After by Ginnie Hole
  • S16 E15 (22 Dec 01) : Life and Soul by Katharine Way & Andrew Rattenbury
  • S16 E16 (26 Dec 01) : Consequences by Stuart Morris
  • S16 E17 (29 Dec 01) : Playing with Fire by Patrick Melanaphy
  • S16 E18 (5 Jan 02) : Checking In, Checking Out by Dan Sefton
  • S16 E19 (12 Jan 02) : Blowing the Whistle by Andrew Holden
  • S16 E20 (19 Jan 02) : You’re Going Home in the Back of an Ambulance by Paul Cornell
  • S16 E21 (26 Jan 02) : Only the Lonely by David Lane
  • S16 E22 (2 Feb 02) : In the Heat of the Night by Edel Brosnan
  • S16 E23 (9 Feb 02) : Acceptance by David Joss Buckley
  • S16 E24 (16 Feb 02) : Nobody’s Perfect by Jo O’Keefe
  • S16 E25 (23 Feb 02) : What Becomes of the Broken  Hearted by Stephen McAteer
  • S16 E26 (2 Mar 02) : Life Incognito by Tony McHale
  • S16 E27 (9 Mar 02) : You Can’t Take Them All Home with You by Leslie Stewart
  • S16 E28 (16 Mar 02) : Past, Present, Future by Paul Cornell
  • S16 E29 (23 Mar 02) : Memories by Peter Mills
  • S16 E30 (30 Mar 02) : Hearts and Minds by Danny McCahon & David Lane
  • S16 E31 (6 Apr 02) : Dominoes by James Wood
  • S16 E32 (13 Apr 02) : Waving Not Drowning by Edel Brosnan
  • S16 E33 (20 Apr 02) : Big Rocks and Very Hard Places by David Joss Buckley
  • S16 E34 (27 Apr 02) : Scapegoat by David Joss Buckley
  • S16 E35 (4 May 02) : Too Close for Comfort by Colin Wyatt
  • S16 E36 (18 May 02) : The Sting by Leslie Stewart
  • S16 E37 (8 Jun 02) : Denial by Ann Marie di Mambro
  • S16 E38 (15 Jun 02) : Taking It All Back to the Streets by Andrew Holden
  • S16 E39 (22 Jun 02) : Broken Hearts by Stuart Morris
  • S16 E40 (29 Jun 02) : Code Red by Paul Cornell


Hopes of a relationship between Holly and Patrick had faded when Series 16 returned with many characters absent and some unexplained. An axing cull caused controversy with fans. Holly had left for Germany, while Melanie, Barney, and Dan were all unaccounted for. The shake-up was defended by new producer Mervyn Watson, ‘We’ve done everything possible with those characters and I wanted to move on. And let’s face it, in real A&E departments, the staff turnover is far greater than it is in Casualty.’

Series 16 was extended to 40 episodes. Series Producer Mal Young explained the increase, ‘Saturday night is Casualty night. We were receiving complaints when it was off air, so we’ve decided to give viewers more of what they want.’

Watson was keen to spice up the show with pacey storylines and fresh faces. It admittedly worked, mainly with the arrival of sexy Australian doctor Lara Stone. Her ambitious streak led her to an army of fans who either admired her or fancied her. Other popular newcomers included good looking nurse Dillon Cahill, technician Nikki Marshall and paramedic Comfort Jones. Love interests were also brought in; Charlie found love with Manager Jan Goddard and Patrick had a brief fling with Policewoman Rachel James before ending up getting cosy with Lara.

Character storylines were at it’s peak; Chloe left to go on the run with her dodgy boyfriend, Max quit after being made a scapegoat in the press after a Norwalk virus erupts, Jack suffered testicular cancer, Josh and Colette married but it was Patrick’s love life and eventual exit which caused the most drama. After a motorway accident, Patrick proposes to Lara, but as she pops to the loo, she returns to find Patrick slumped dead from his earlier injuries.

In his shoes came arrogant Simon Kaminski, claiming himself to be ‘the new Spiller’ didn’t go down to well with fans and he was clearly at first a love-to-hate figure. Established actors were also making a comeback to prime time dramas; the BBC managed to get their hands on Falcon Crest star Simon MacCorkindale to star as the new Consultant.

Casualty again ended on a dramatic high, when Nikki Marshall is stabbed. Fighting for her life in CRASH; her boyfriend Jack Vincent proposed to her. But would she survive?

Joining Cast

Regular Cast

Exiting Cast

Major Guest Characters

  • Jason (Henry Ian-Cusick) – Chloe’s boyfriend
  • Natalie McKay (Charis Thomas) – Colette’s estranged daughter
  • Amanda Lewis (Janet Dibley) – Max’s girlfriend
  • Ben Lewis (Arthur Caulfield) – Amanda’s son
  • Jeff McGuire (Bob Mason) – Paramedic Duty Officer
  • Rob Jones (Chad Shepherd) – Comfort’s husband
  • Leona (Morag Siller) – regular patient
  • Greg James (Danny McCall) – Rachel’s husband
  • Stuart Kaminski (Justin Pierre) – Simon’s brother
  • Claire (Sam Loggin) – Simon’s ex
  • Melanie Collier (Lisa Palfrey)
  • David Collier (Dorian Healy)

Notable Guest Stars

Casualty/ Holby City Guest Appearances

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