Shirin Taylor

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APPEARANCE : S4 E3 ‘Grand in the Hand’

CHARACTER : Helen Masters

STORYLINE : On a building site, Bobby Masters, slips on scaffolding and hot bitumen spills onto him. In casualty his boss tries to buy his silence with £1000, but his wife, Helen, is persuaded by Valerie to sue – and Helen gives him back his money.

APPEARANCE : S7 E16 ‘The Ties That Bind’


STORYLINE : A divorced father, Laurence, kidnaps his young daughter, Katie. However, she becomes violently sick and he takes her to casualty. When her mother, Joan, shows up, she threatens a restraining order.


APPEARANCE : S1 E2 ‘Happy Families’

CHARACTER : Eileen Hindell


ACTOR FAMED FOR : Sue Kirk in Crossroads; Jackie Baldwin in Coronation Street

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