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Cas Previous Appearance

Sophia Di Martino : Previous Appearance


PREVIOUS APPEARANCE : S21 E12 ‘No Place Like..’

CHARACTER : Shauna Milsom

STORYLINE : The estranged daughter, Shauna, of a cafe owner goes to visit him – saying she is clean from drugs and wanting to come home. She leaves angrily when he’s not convinced she has changed. Shauna returns to her friend and they smoke crack. They then drive a stolen car and crash into the cafe at high speed.


APPEARANCE : S6 E35 ‘In at the Deep End’

CHARACTER : Gemma Walker


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Former CASUALTY actress Sophia Di Martino can be seen in BBC Christmas comedy ‘Click and Collect’. Sophia, who played paramedic technician Polly between 2009-2011,...

Cas Actor

Plays Polly Emmerson DATE OF BIRTH : 15th November 1983 HEIGHT : 5ft 7 NATIVE : Nottingham TRAINING : Salford University PARTNER : CASUALTY...

Cas Character

Played by Sophia Di Martino Appearance S23 E29 ‘Shields’ – S25 E34 ‘Momentum’ Job Title Technician First Words Background Memorable Moments Extra Images

Interviews caught up with Sophia Di Martino as she left CASUALTY after two years on the show.

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