Sophia Di Martino Interview

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Sophia Di Martino leaves CASUALTY next week following two years on the show. caught up with her…

Are you pleased at how your character progressed during your time on the show?

I’ve had some interesting storylines, yes. I particularly like my exit story!

What can you tell us about Polly’s exit?

Polly makes her trademark mistake of getting too close to a patient. It all goes horribly wrong.

What have been some of your favourite storylines/ scenes to film?

The last week of filming on Casualty was the best ever. We were on a beautiful beach until sunset and we were doing helicopter shots which was such a buzz!

You appeared in Casualty’s first ever webisode with Joe McFadden. Did you enjoy being part of this?


That was fun, yes. It felt different to usual Casualty filming because people worked in roles that they don’t get a chance to normally. It was nice to shake things up a little.

How did you feel about Polly’s failed brief romance with Jay? Do you think they could have made a good couple of would you have liked to have seen her with someone else?

I don’t think Jay and Polly could have ever worked. Not with Ruth around. I think Polly would have been better suited to someone who didn’t have as much past baggage.

Have there ever been any funny/ pranks or embarrassing moments on set that you can share?

Matt Bardock is always playing jokes on everyone. I often find a teaspoon in my shoe.

What was your last day on set like? Did you get any nice leaving presents?

It was unexpectedly emotional. The cast gave me a really posh bread maker that I use all the time.

Who do you hope to keep in contact with from the cast now that you’ve left?

I’ll definitely keep in contact with Jane. I’m dog sitting for her when she goes on holiday.

Now that you’ve finished filming, what roles do you hope to do in future?

I’d like to play James Bond, Batman, all the big ones.

Would you ever consider going on a reality TV show?


Finally, do you have a message for fans of who have supported you through your time on CASUALTY?

Thanks guys! Enjoy Polly’s exit!

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  1. Amanda

    I cried when your character Polly left Sophia. Its a big shame you left casualty, I have watched the programe since i was little and when Polly started on the medical drama that was it i was amazed on how cool you were. good luck to the future p.s sorry for the bad spelling

  2. * it was sad that i heared that she was leaving there she was amazing character she was brilliant things won’t be the same again farewell polly:'(

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