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Steven Miller Interview

Steven Miller reveals what’s in store for his character Lenny this series.

Young doctor Lenny Lyons burst onto screens at the beginning of last series as the cockiest member of the new F2 intake. Not one to suffer from self-doubt or consider anyone else’s feelings, Lenny has somehow become an integral member of the ED team. Actor Steven Miller reveals what’s in store for the maverick medic in series 25.

“Lenny is learning as a doctor all the time,” says Steven. “He’s fiercely ambitious and rarely lets anything stand in the way of his career but, sometimes, he does manage to do the right thing. And he’s got a weak spot where Yuki is concerned as they’re good friends and Lenny has great respect for Yuki as a doctor.

“At the end of last series, we saw him being tempted by a bribe in order to secure the JAFA fellowship for himself, feeling he deserved it the most because he’d had the toughest journey. But after the awards dinner was disrupted and the fellowship was thrown into the air there was doubt over whether it would happen at all.

“Thankfully, Lenny did manage to do the right thing in the end and, luckily for him, Jordan and Adam can see that he’s actually a good doctor – he just needs some of his rough edges smoothing out!”

As we start series 25, Lenny is back where he belongs, getting under the skin of everyone in the ED – and not just the patients!

“Lenny hasn’t really learnt that much from the events of last series,” says Steve. “He begins series 25 with the confidence of a newly-promoted man but without the promotion! As usual, he’s thinking way too far ahead of himself and his confidence is short-lived, of course.”

Lenny had a tough upbringing being taken into care at the age of five and brought up in a children’s home, which has left him with a chip on his shoulder. Do viewers discover more about his background in this series?

“Lenny receives some news from home at the beginning of episode one, which is clearly affecting him, although it’s not originally clear whether it’s good or bad,” explains Steven.

“He’s not very good at letting his guard down or confiding in others so as usual he bottles everything up inside him and becomes even more unpredictable in the ED. And, because of this, he uses the shooting incident as a much needed distraction to his own problems – which doesn’t go down well with the team.”

So what’s in store for Lenny as the future of the ED is thrown into doubt after the events of episode one?

“Lenny gets caught up with the lawyers, who are looking for information to use against the ED, and also gets involved with some of the victims and their families as his situation is often reflected in theirs,” says Steve.

“Broadly, he and Yuki have mostly got over their problems together. Hopefully there’ll be no more fights in the hospital, although they still have their frustrations. And there may be a little romantic link or two coming his way, whether fully-formed or unrealised – you’ll have to wait and see!”

(Source : BBC Press Office)

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