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Since joining the show in January 2005, actress Susan Cookson has built up a strong fanbase from her time playing Registrar Maggie Coldwell.

Having won favourite series female at last year’s awards, fans are also hoping she will be deservedly shortlisted for Most Popular Actress at this year’s National TV Awards.

Kindly, Susan took time out of her hectic schedule to talk to

You’ve been on CASUALTY over two years now, are you still enjoying your time on the show and playing the role of Maggie?

Very much! Although I seem to get tired quite a bit, but I think that’s as the workload builds up, but I’d rather have a storyline than not! And I am looking forward to our Summer break!

Do you get much feedback from viewers regarding your character?

Yes lots, and it’s always lovely to hear from our viewers. I love the way people get so into the stories; Peter O’Brien (Stitch) has come in for such stick and he loves it, but he is really lovely in real life! I miss him.

What have been your most memorable storylines to work on so far?

All the story involving Stan, Maggie’s Dad, have been great and Jack Smethurst, who plays Stan, is so wonderful to work with, but an episode yet to be screened, where I have quite a story with Elyes (Guppy) – that was great to film, you’ll know when you see it!

What do you consider Maggie’s one best and worst trait?

She will try to see the good in people, but probably loses her temper a bit too quickly at times. I think she should count to ten a bit more!

Maggie has yet to have a blossoming relationship, could this change for her soon?

Tricky one to answer that, as I’m not sure what the writers have in store, but I think Maggie deserves to have a bit of fun and happiness in her life! (so maybe if Brad Pitt is available!)

In what ways do you think being separated from her children has had an affect over Maggie?

I think it’s given her a chance to reflect on herself and what she might want out of life for her.

Filming for the next series is already underway with the show getting a bit of a makeover, what changes can we expect to see this Autumn?

Big Ones! You will love it, we do!

Have you ever had any funny or embarrassing moments on Set that you can share?

I was messing about just before a take, where I had to go into Stitch’s office. It was really hot on Set and I was pretending to be the Wicked Witch from the ‘Wizard of Oz’ when she’s screaming ‘I’m melting, I’m melting!’ when I looked round John Yorke, our Executive Producer was stood behind me. I went red, but he did laugh!

Who of the cast makes you laugh the most?

It has to be Ben Price, he is just the worst for making people laugh, especially Suzanne Packer, once she goes, we’ve had it!

How did the cast feel after it’s recent BAFTA win?

Absoloutely delighted, and we had no idea. I first heard from a text message from Simon MacCorkindale that we had got it – I just screamed, then started texting everyone else!

How long do you hope to stay on CASUALTY for?

That’s also a tricky one, on one hand I’d say for as long as the writers feel there are stories for Maggie, but how long that will be… I don’t know, let’s hope it’s a while yet!!

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