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19.13 I Do, I Do, I Do – 3/1/17


‘I Do, I Do, I Do’ : When Mo uncovers a secret, Mr T and Inga’s Swedish-style wedding takes a dark turn.

Elsewhere, Serena and her daughter argue, so Elinor storms off, and after the terrible accident which follows, Jason heroically tries to save Serena’s life.

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14.41 From Here to Maternity – 24/7/12

S14 E41 (24 Jul 12) : From Here to Maternity by Martha Hillier

Episode Summary

When Mo goes into labour she has to face up to the questions and consequences of her pregnancy; but who will support her when her birthing partner is delayed?

Serena is struggling to meet targets under Hanssen’s watchful eye and comes up with a scheme that will change the face of the hospital.

Eddi is determined to prove to Sacha that she is not in a bad mood about Luc, but is she protesting too much?

“Excellent hand crushing, Maureen. Not like I’m a surgeon or anything.” Jac.

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S13 E24

S13  E24 (29 Mar 11) : Second Coming by Joe Ainsworth

Episode Summary

Hanssen is insistent that he can save Ric’s life in theatre and uses Jess, Ric’s heavily pregnant daughter, to persuade Ric to go ahead with the operation. At the last minute Jess wonders whether she’s done the right thing by interfering – but it’s too late; Ric’s under the knife. The stress causes Jess to give birth while Ric’s life hangs in the balance.

Elliot is outraged by Hanssen’s proposal to take Ric into theatre, believing it to be too dangerous. He makes Jess realise just how risky the operation is and so she asks Elliot to assist in theatre – much to the irritation of Jac, who wanted the chance to shine alongside Hanssen.

Oliver is still reeling from his confession to Penny and her threat hangs over him. He types up a letter of resignation but is unable to send it. During the course of the day he works closely with Frieda and is gradually reinvigorated. She encourages him to retake his F2 year and so he deletes the resignation letter.

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S13 E08

S13  E8 (7 Dec 10) : Losing Game by Shazie Rashid

Episode Summary

An expensive surgical procedure is cancelled when Elliot walks out of theatre, and with Hanssen’s axe still looming over the ward, Connie realises she cannot continue to defend her friend.

Meanwhile, Joseph halts divorce proceedings to safeguard Faye’s wellbeing following the birth of her baby, and Sacha provides Chrissie with a shoulder to cry on when a patient complains about a mistake she made during his operation – but remains unaware that Jac was responsible for the error.

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S12 E28

S12 E28 (13 Apr 10) : Bette Davis Eyes by Dan Sefton

Episode Summary

Jac is determined to stay unaffected by her mother, Paula’s, situation, in the 500th episode of the medical drama. But when Paula deteriorates, Jac is forced to admit to Michael and Joseph that she’s the mother who deserted her. Jac decides to offer Paula a kidney.

When Chrissie goes into early labour, her baby boy is delivered by emergency C-section. Chrissie finally admits to Mark that Sacha is the father.

Meanwhile, Faye is thrown by a letter reminding her to choose an inscription for Archie’s gravestone.

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S4 E43

S4 E43 (1 Aug 02) : Judas Kiss (Part 1) by Stuart Morris

Episode Summary

The main storyline in this episode focuses on Rufas Wooding, a twelve-year old boy who is on Mr Meyer’s transplant list, awaiting a new heart. Rufas’ heart isn’t pumping a sufficient amount of blood to his lungs, despite a previous operation. Rufas is extremely weak and so Mr Meyer suggests a ‘TCPC’; major surgery that would result in the right side of his heart being by-passed. Mr Meyer explains the procedure to Rufas’ parents and warns them about the risks; he could die in theatre. Rufas’ mum, Marion, immediately agrees, and although her husband, Paul, agrees too, he doesn’t seem to be as sure about it. Meyer proposes they operate that afternoon but Alex and Sam both voice concern about it amongst themselves. It comes out that the last time Meyer attempted the operation, on a little girl, she died.

Sam is so uncertain about the operation that she asks Alistair his opinion. He is reluctant to answer as he doesn’t know the patient history and because he isn’t an expert on TCPC. Alistair does admit that he is not a TCPC advocate and tells Sam that ‘Meyer is a difficult man to contradict’. He implies that he only way to stop Meyer, is to take the patient out of the equation. Sam, still confused, voices her concern to Alex once again. He admits that he has a gut instinct that the TCPC isn’t the correct line of action to take, but that he trusts Meyer’s opinion so will carry out the operation. Sam promises Alex that she won’t say anything to Rufas’ parents but after spending some time with Rufas, she decides to secretly tell his parents about the little girl who died. Consequently, Rufas’ parents decide to take Rufas home rather than allow Meyer to use him as a ‘guinea pig’. Meyer is shocked as to why they have changed their minds so suddenly and Alex realises what Sam has done; he is furious. Later, Rufas is readmitted to A&E, in a worse state than he had been in earlier that day.

Not only is Sam debating about Rufas, she also has to deal with Ric returning to work. They bump into each other in A&E where Ric is attending to Neil Stephenson, a young man who has fallen from a telegraph pole whilst working, and now has a screwdriver stuck in his leg. Ric notices Alex and working with Sam, and knows they are back together. He later gives Sam a cheque for £20,000 to repay her money that he gambled. She tells him she doesn’t expect it, but Ric just shouts at her for agreeing to marry him when she was in love with Alex.

Neil’s antics have caused a local road to be closed off and has been broadcast on the radio traffic report. An old girlfriend, Martine, comes to visit after hearing the news. She doesn’t know that he is now married with two children and tells him that she never stopped loving her. After speaking to Ric, about his many divorces, Neil tells Martine that nothing could ever happen between them again. He then speaks to his wife and tells her that they should go away together once he has recovered. She knows all about Martine visiting him, but says nothing.

On Otter Ward, Janice is still working, despite feeling ill. It is busy so she and Steve are finding it hard to cope. A twenty-year old man brings in his baby daughter, Lucy. After tests, Janice cannot find anything wrong and sends them home. The father insists that his daughter is ill but leaves due to his own father’s encouragement. Laura is brought back later on and is diagnosed with having an ‘Epidural abscess’. There is a chance that it could get bigger and paralyse her but Steve prescribes strong antibiotics in an attempt to cure it. Steve admits to Danny that he is becoming bored with his job, and considers applying for a new one.

Janice is taken ill but refuses to give birth early, against Owen’s advice. She is desperately afraid that she will lose her baby, and wants more time for the baby’s lungs to develop. Owen agrees to give her steroids and induce the birth the following day. However, Janice takes a turn for the worse and Owen returns to work to deliver the baby.

Owen had planned to spend the night at home with Katie, but Chrissie unexpectedly turned up. After receiving a phone call about Janice, Owen has to rush back to Holby. Katie refuses to go home to her mum, so Chrissie is left to babysit. Chrissie refuses to make Katie some hot chocolate so Katie sneaks into the kitchen to make it herself. Chrissie catches her and the boiling milk spills onto her arm so Chrissie has to rush Katie to casualty with a scolded arm.


* Rufas Wooding – Young boy awaiting a heart transplant.

* Lucy – Baby with a spinal abscess.

* Neil Stephenson – Man with a screwdriver stuck in his theigh.

* Janice Taylor – High blood pressure and leaking fluid whilst pregnant.

First Scene/ words

Meyer walks down the corridor, picks up a file from the nursing bay, and walks off.

Diane (who is standing at the nursing bay, on the phone), “I’ll be down in two minutes”. (To Kath, who is standing inside the nursing bay), “I just need to take some blood from the patient in bay one”.

Kath : I can do that

Diane: Brilliant, thank you

-Dianne and Kath walk off, the camera pans round to Alex and Sam, who are walking onto the ward.

Alex : I think we should probably keep our heads down as Ric’s back today. You know, give him a chance to adjust

Sam : He called off the wedding, not me. Anyway, we’ve got nothing to hide have we?

Alex : No, no, I know

-Chrissie is at the nursing bay and hands the phone to Sam.

Chrissie : It’s Dr Kaminski in the emergency department. He’s got a child with a heart condition clogging up the resus room

Sam (to telephone) : Dr Kennedy

-Alistair arrives.

Alistair (to Chrissie) : Mr Meyer in yet?

Chrissie : Yep, he’s around somewhere.

Alistair : Better check the notes in case there’s something he needs to know. Don’t want to upset the ‘Great man’

Chrissie (hands him some files) : Ah, and I thought that was your speciality (To Alex) Anyway, Mr Griffin will be back later, should be interesting; if you’re into blood sports

-Alistair and Chrissie walk off, Danny and Sandy walk in.

Sandy (to Danny) : And she had all her knickers on the radiator

Danny : Well, talk to her then

Chrissie (Walking back in and handing Sandy a pair of rubber gloves) : Ah, Sandy. Mr Aldridge has had another accident, so if you don’t mind

Sam (to phone) : Yeah, Ok, thanks (To Alex) Rufas Wooding, he’s on Mr Meyer’s transplant list, sounds like he’s seriously deteriorating

-Sam and Alex walk off.

Last Scene/ words

-Alex, Mr Meyer, Sam, and Rufas’ parents are in A&E.

Alex (examining Rufas) : OK Rufas, lets get you upstairs

-His bed is wheeled outside.

Mr Meyer (to Rufas’s mum) : He’s holding on

Mum : Does that mean you can operate?

Mr Meyer : If he remains stable, however, the risks are much greater now

-They all get into the lift but his mum corners Sam.

Mum (to Sam) : If he dies, I’m holding you responsible

-They both get into the lift and Sam looks extremely worried.

Notable Facts

Some of the episode is filmed on the Casualty set but the only Casualty cast member to appear is Dr Simon Kaminski.


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S5 E34

s5e34S5 E34 (27 May 03) : Seasons in the Sun by Andrew Holden

Episode Summary

Chrissie is rushed off her feet in Darwin. She can’t find Alex and she hasn’t got a bed sorted for her latest patient. She snaps at Kath when Kath offers to look after Darwin for her. Alex tries to get his doctor, Ethan, to change his medication for the tremors. Chrissie moves the box of Steve’s belonging to her office as Diane watches. Diane and Ric talk about what happened – her termination. Kath looks after their patient as Ric and Diane talk to him.

Alex, Tom and Ed discuss where each patient needs to be fitted in for theatre. Alex has an appointment with Ethan during the afternoon. Alex tries to talk his patient into going through with her procedure. Alex and Sandy also try to persuade their patient to stay. Tricia asks Chrissie if she can stay out that night since she has a date.

Kath speaks to Chrissie in the staff toilets. Asking her what’s wrong. Chrissie admits she’s been experiencing pain, like period pains. And also some bleeding. Kath says she has to go to Maternity. Chrissie agrees to go even though she doesn’t want to. Chrissie thanks Kath. Kath tells Sandy and Ed that Chrissie’s gone home. Although Ed questions the fact Chrissie’s coat is in her office. Chrissie goes to Maternity and is checked over by Mubbs before taking a turn for the worst. Kath tells Tom that Chrissie is being taken into theatre. He tells Ed to go down. Owen takes Chrissie to theatre as Ed turns up. Owen is not pleased at this and tells him he should go. Tricia follows them to theatre two. Ed stands in whilst Owen performs the C-section causing friction with Owen.

Diane and Alex are both due in theatre. Ethan talks to Diane about Alex needing support. Diane goes to see him. Catching him taking the drugs he has prescribed for himself against Ethan’s orders. Diane demands he tell Tom before Tom comes into the room. Diane makes excuses and goes to operate with Ric.

OWen tells Chrissie he’s going to put her under anaesthetic. Owen delivers the baby – a girl. Chrissie is experiencing problems with her blood. Causing it to be decided she’ll go to ITU. The baby is having difficulties breathing and is on Scabu but has irreversible brain damage. Owen decides to be tested to see if he is the baby’s father. He decides to try and wake Chrissie early, even though Ed doesn’t think he should, so she can see the baby. Owen tells her about the brain damamge, which Chrissie is devastated about.

Diane gives Alex the drugs he’s using back and see’s Ric. Ric tells Diane Chrissie had an emergency C-section to deliver the baby and that it is likely the baby will die. Diane has to leave from telling her patient as she breaks down. Ric talks to her and lets her know he’s there to help but she didn’t kill the last part of Steve.

Chrissie says goodbye to her daughter as Tricia and Mubbs watch from outside, whilst Owen stands behind Chrissie. Chrissie cries holding the baby and rocking her alone. Owen stands alone in the darkness of his office, in deep pain at the loss of the baby. Diane also sits in Ric’s dark office, crying softly. Chrissie says she’s sorry to the baby as she rocks her.


Lucy Emmerson – Female patient on Darwin who Alex operates on as much as she feels like leaving. Her partner also suffers from Parkinsons.

Declan – Patient on Keller who needs an operation to save his bowel. He upsets Diane when snapping at her, through his own grief.

Chrissie Davis – Patient on Maternity as she is rushed in to have her baby daughter.

Amanda – Chrissie’s daughter, who later dies through irreversible brain damamge.

First scene/words

[Chrissie is on the phone]

Chrissie: Yes, Sister Williams again. I asked you to page Mr Adams, could you just check it was done? Okay, I’ll hold.

Last Scene/words

[While ‘Fields of Gold’ is playing we can see Chrissie rock her baby, while Diane, Ed and Owen all are standing somewhere on their own, upset and deep in thought]

Notable Facts

* ‘Fields of Gold’ by Eva Cassidy plays.

Screencaps : S5 E34

>>Guide by Carly and Karin.

HC Past Series HC Series HC Series 7 HOLBY CITY

7.13 Actions Speak Louder – 11/1/05

Episode Summary

Jess is still reeling from the news that Zubin is the father of her baby. She does not want an abortion but tells Mickie she feels it is the only option open to her. Sean tries to talk to her and tells her if will support her but she avoids him throughout the day. Ric is still angry with Jess after her revelation last week but Diane and Sean persuade him that she had his best interests at heart. Later, Ric apologises to Jess and tells her he wants to spend more time with her. However, he is angry when Jess interferes in a patients love life. Jess tells him she needs to talk to him about something but he says he is not interested. At the end of his shift Sean finds Jess outside on a bench. She tells him she tried to go for an abortion but could not go through with it after her last experience two years ago. She tells Sean that she is not ready to be a mother and she will have to go ahead with the termination. Sean begs her not to and tells her to move in with him. He says that he was fostered from the age of three and wants to have a real family and be a father to her baby. They hug and Sean promises he will be there for her.

The canteen staff are on strike in protest at Will’s behaviour last week. Connie tells Will she has arranged a meeting to resolve the situation. Will tries to talk to Maureen, the cashier he offended but they remain at odds with each other. Later, the matter is still unresolved when Will refuses to apologise in the meeting. Connie ends the discussion by saying she will take the matter to a higher level. Will examines a patient called Brian who quizzes Will on the strike and his opinions of the hospital. Brian discharges himself before Will can look at his test results. When he sees Brian has a life threatening condition he goes to find him outside and tells him he needs emergency surgery. Connie tells Will she has had a call from the Holby Gazette – Brian is a journalist who has written a front page article about Will’s opinions. When Brian comes round he is grateful to Will for saving his life. He apologises for writing the story and guarantees Will his right to reply. Will tells Connie but she says he cannot get involved and must keep a dignified silence – she tells him she is suspended.

Mubbs is still looking after Rosie’s children whilst she is in hospital. She tells Owen she misses the girls and wants to go home. Owen says she is not ready yet but Mubbs convinces him by saying he will stay in Rosie’s spare room and bring her straight back in if she is unwell. As they are walking to the car Rosie begins to bleed and collapses in agony. Owen examines her, the scan shows the baby is a boy. Rosie tells Owen that she regrets missing Jim’s funeral and that she will go and pay her respects to him later – without Mubbs. Rosie starts to bleed again and Owen is forced to perform an emergency caesarean. The baby is put in an incubator with Rosie and Mubbs by his side. He is weak and Owen tells them that he cannot breathe without the ventilator – he passes away. Rosie tells Mubbs that she does not love him anymore – her feelings changed when Jim died. Mubbs is shocked but Rosie says that Jim showed her she deserved more. She says that Mubbs is second best and she cannot be around him as there is a chance she could take him back. Rosie says she never wants to see him again and she will arrange a transfer to another hospital. An angry Mubbs asks Owen why he did not tell him about Jim. Owen says he did not want to get involved as Rosie and Mubbs are both his friends. Mubbs is devastated.

HC Past Series HC Series HC Series 7 HOLBY CITY

7.39 Ostrich Mode – 12/7/05

Episode Summary

Diane is back from Ghana, she is forced to eat humble pie and ask Connie for her research position back. Owen tries to speak to Diane, she brushes him off and is clearly confused about her feelings for him. Later Owen tells her he is not happy in their relationship at the moment. He says that if she is unsatisfied with her research position she should not take it out on him. Diane makes excuses, saying she has been tired since she got back from Ghana. Later, Diane apologises to Owen for her behaviour and the couple kiss and make up.

Elsewhere, Tricia is having her bandages removed after her reconstructive surgery. She has an infection and will need an operation. Carlos asks Tricia to come to Miami with him for two weeks to rest but Tricia is unsure. He tells her how much he loves her but she says it’s not enough and she won’t take him back. Tricia tries to hand him a cheque, but he refuses to accept it. After the operation, which is successful, Mark also goes to see Tricia. She breaks down and he comforts her. The pair look close again.

A woman, Louise, who’s 28 weeks pregnant with twins after her 7th IVF attempt is brought in after a fall. Diane discovers she needs her gall bladder removed. Diane is not happy when Owen promises the parents the babies will be OK, but the operation is a success and twin boys are delivered early, but healthy.

Heavy smoker, Sandra, is brought in with heart problems. Her 12 year old daughter, Amy, is with her. Amy’s step-dad, who has recently split with Sandra arrives but is told to leave by Zubin when he causes a scene. Outside the hospital, Amy spots him and rushes to greet him. As Pete runs over, he fails to see a coach coming towards him, and it hits him. As his condition deteriorates and with no operating theatres available, Zubin and Diane are forced to operate on him on the wards. Later, as he recovers, Amy tells her mother she wants to make him her father officially.

Meanwhile Jess is preoccupied with baby names. Zubin is too busy and berates her for bothering him with trite matter when he is at work. Later, Jess experiences pain and goes into labour. Zubin is operating on Pete, and cannot be there. Jess starts to fit, the baby is in distress and Owen is forced to perform a caesarean. Jess’s condition deteriorates and Zubin rushes to be by her side. Zubin holds his new son, whilst Jess recuperates.

Written by Eric Deacon


* Louise – pregnant with gall bladder problem after fall. Twin boys delivered after operation.

* Sandra Carter – leaking heart valve.

* Pete – hit by a coach. laparotomy operation.

* Also Tricia and Jess are both patients this week.

Notable Facts

* Rebecca Ryan (Shameless) plays Amy Carter.

* Martin Hancock (Spider in Corrie) plays Reg.

* Zubin says of Connie ‘Is it me or is she starting to resemble Lady Macbeth?’

* Donna suggests baby names Cruz and Kenneth to Zubin. ‘That’s one of the reasons I’m delighted it’s none of your business!’ he retorts.

* Jess likes the name Keira for a girl.

* Chrissie tells her father ‘I think you’re scared of failing’, when he feels like he can’t compete with Carlos.




HC Past Series HC Series HC Series 9 HOLBY CITY

9.29 Deep Dark Truthful Mirror – 1/5/07

Episode Summary

Stuck in the lift in agonising pain, a weak Lola manages to alert Jess on her mobile. Jess and Mark head down to the basement, evacuate Lola and take her up to Darwin ward. Connie breaks the news that Lola will have to go into theatre today as Ric looks on concerned. During surgery, Connie is arguing with Sam when her waters break – she’s going into labour.

Chrissie arrives back at Holby and is cold when she meets a wheelchair-bound Connie in the corridor. Sam rushes out of Lola’s surgery to visit Connie in the delivery room but she doesn’t want to see him. Later, Sam goes to see his newborn daughter and Chrissie joins him, urging him to make amends with Connie.

Thandie is blunt with a couple, Judi and Greg, who she tells to go to their GP, which doesn’t win her any brownie points with Mark. The next day, the couple return and Judi is now hallucinating. Angered by the treatment they receive again, Greg chains the AAU doors together. He is adamant that he won’t remove the chains until his wife is seen. Mark is impressed when Thandie correctly diagnoses the woman with an over-active thyroid, and invites her to go for a drink.

Also, Kyla and Harvey’s marital situation reaches boiling point, as they violently argue on top of the hospital roof. When Harvey threatens to jump, he loses his footing and falls.

Ric is saddened when Jess tells him her plans to leave Holby and all her baggage behind and is travelling to Hong Kong.

[ID 1852]Dan[/ID] breaks the news to a patient, Jamie, that he’ll never be able to play rugby again.


* Judi Marsh – overactive thryroid.

* Lola Griffin – heart attack

* Connie Beauchamp – gives birth to baby girl

* Jamie Devon – injured thigh.

Notable Facts

* Roger Griffiths plays Harvey Tyson.

* Thor Guichard plays Max Tyson.

* Alex MacQueen plays Keith Greene.

* ‘I thought I was in heaven and then I saw him [Ric] there!’ Lola says when she wakes.

* ‘When will you be back?’ Ric asks Jess. ‘I don’t know’ she replies.

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Screencaps : S9 E29

HC Series HC Series 11 HOLBY CITY

S11 E04

S11 E4 (11 Nov 08) : We Said Some Things by Abi Brown

Episode Summary

Joseph is stuck in a lift with Daisha, who has gone into labour. He successfully delivers a baby boy, but Faye feels insecure about how Joseph has connected with the birth of the baby, and how this has brought him closer to Daisha.

Elsewhere, Linden isn’t happy when his proposal for a Flash Cooling Trial for trauma patients is turned down by the board.

Michael continues trying to avoid working with his wife, but is left with no choice when Jamie leaves him in a dangerous situation and Annalese has to step in.

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Screencaps : S11 E4