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7.23 Love and Marriage – 22/3/05

S7 E23 (22 Mar 05) : Love and Marriage by Debbie O’Malley

Episode Summary

It is the day of the wedding, Owen awakes in his office – with Chrissie. She assumes that he will not go ahead with the ceremony but Owen tells her that he was drunk and that he loves Diane. Chrissie storms out in anger.

Diane wakes up at her house to find Ric downstairs – he tells her he slept on the couch as he had no money for a taxi. They talk about the kiss last night and Diane wonders if she is doing the right thing, Ric convinces her that she is.

Owen is called to an emergency in AAU – a woman, Laila King, has suffered an ectopic pregnancy.

Elsewhere, at the hotel Diane tells Tricia that she had a ‘moment’ with Ric last night – Tricia promises to keep it secret. Chrissie tells Tricia that she slept with Owen and that she still loves him. She warns that she will not let the wedding go ahead. Tricia convinces her that Owen has to make that decision – not Chrissie.

Owen arrives late due to the operation and the wedding goes ahead – Chrissie looks on, devastated. Tricia and Mark talk at the reception and decide to call a truce.

Jodie wakes at Mickie’s house, she goes to have a shower but collapses in the bathroom unable to breathe. Mickie takes her to the hospital and asks Will to examine her. Jodie tells Will that the large scar on her back is from a car crash. She reveals she was a nurse in the medical corp. When Mickie leaves Jodie and Will talk and it is obvious that they knew each other from the corp. and had some history. Connie operates on Jodie and remarks that the scar tissue on Jodie’s back is terrible, the surgeon butchered her. Will becomes increasingly uncomfortable when Connie says that the injury looks more like a shrapnel wound. Connie is forced to remove Jodie’s lung. When she awakes and hears the news Jodie blames Will for ruining her life – again. Mickie assumes that the pair were once an item and storms out.

At the wedding reception, Donna tells Lisa she wants to meet the owner of the silver convertible in the car park. She is disappointed when she finds out it belongs to Mubbs but they end up kissing anyway.

Sean tells Jess to stop taking him for granted. He wants to know if people will know the baby is not his, is the father white? Jess avoids his questions.


* Laila King – ectopic pregnancy.

* Jodie Maxwell – lumg damage.

Notable Facts

* Catherine Walker plays Jodie Maxwell.

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> Series 07

19/10/04 – 11/10/05

Episode Listing

  • S7  E1 (19 Oct 04) : Happy Families by Joe Ainsworth
  • S7  E2 (26 Oct 04) : Best Intentions by Debbie O’Malley & Martin Jameson
  • S7  E3 (2 Nov 04) : Win Some, Lose Some by Andrew Holden
  • S7  E4 (9 Nov 04) : Braver Soul Than I by Adrian Pagan
  • S7  E5 (16 Nov 04) : One is the Loneliest Number by Jeff Dodd
  • S7  E6 (23 Nov 04) : A Sense of Guilt by Paul Coates & Grant Watson
  • S7  E7 (30 Nov 04) : Moment of Truth by Debbie O’Malley
  • S7  E8 (7 Dec 04) : Playing With Fire by Colin Bytheway
  • S7  E9 (14 Dec 04) : A Good Day to Bury Bad News by Mark Holloway
  • S7  E10 (21 Dec 04) : Elf and Happiness by Julia Wall
  • S7  E11  (28 Dec 04) : Casualty @ Holby City (Part Two) by Johanne McAndrew
  • S7  E12 (4 Jan 05) : 7 Days Later by Andrew Cornish
  • S7  E13 (11 Jan 05) : Actions Speak Louder by Phil Gladwin
  • S7  E14 (18 Jan 05) : Overload by Jeff Povey
  • S7  E15 (25 Jan 05) : War and Peace by Jeff Dodds
  • S7  E16 (1 Feb 05) : Live and Let Die by Leslie Stewart
  • S7  E17 (8 Feb 05) : Thin Ice by Hugh Costello
  • S7  E18 (15 Feb 05) : Stick or Twist by Andrew Holden
  • S7  E19 (22 Feb 05) : Chain Reaction by Paul Coates
  • S7  E20 (1 Mar 05) : Another Car Wreck by Martin Jameson
  • S7  E21 (8 Mar 05) : Awakenings by Ben Cooper
  • S7  E22 (15 Mar 05) : Total Recall by Adrian Pagan
  • S7  E23 (22 Mar 05) : Love and Marriage by Debbie O’Malley
  • S7  E24 (29 Mar 05) : Be Careful What you Wish For by Lilie Ferrari
  • S7  E25 (5 Apr 05) : Shock to the Heart by Len Collin
  • S7  E26 (12 Apr 05) : The Honeymoon is Over by Joe Ainsworth
  • S7  E27 (19 Apr 05) : It’s Kinda Rock ‘n’ Roll by Eric Deacon
  • S7  E28 (26 Apr 05) : Not Just a River in Egypt by Jeff Dodds
  • S7  E29 (3 May 05) : Damage Limitation by Steven Haden
  • S7  E30 (10 May 05) : No Pain No Gain by John Milne
  • S7  E31 (17 May 05) : Losing Control by Mark Holloway
  • S7  E32 (24 May 05) : Something in the Air by Pete Hambly
  • S7  E33 (31 May 05) : Love, Life and Loss by Adrian Pagan
  • S7  E34 (7 Jun 05) : Patience by Clive Dawson
  • S7  E35 (14 Jun 05) : Pleasant Surprises by Simon Ashford
  • S7  E36 (21 Jun 05) : If It Ain’t Broke by Joe Ainsworth
  • S7  E37 (28 Jun 05) : Rat Race by Jeff Dodds
  • S7  E38 (5 Jul 05) : Tuesday’s Child by Andrew Holden
  • S7  E39 (12 Jul 05) : Ostrich Mode by Eric Deacon
  • S7  E40 (19 Jul 05) : Home is Where the Hurt Is by Stephanie Lloyd Jones & Andrew Holden
  • S7  E41 (26 Jul 05) : Best Laid Plans by Debbie O’Malley
  • S7  E42 (2 Aug 05) : Soft Centred by Jonathan Myerson
  • S7  E43 (10 Aug 05) : Dignity by Colin Steven & Peter Lloyd
  • S7  E44 (16 Aug 05) : The Innocents (Part One) by Len Collin
  • S7  E45 (23 Aug 05) : The Innocents (Part Two) by Tony Lindsay
  • S7  E46 (30 Aug 05) : Thinking Outside the Box by Barry Simner
  • S7  E47 (6 Sep 05) : View from the Side Line by Elsa Cranworth
  • S7  E48 (13 Sep 05) : Great Expectations by Martin Jameson
  • S7  E49 (20 Sep 05) : Family Planning by Nic Ransom
  • S7  E50 (27 Sep 05) : All the Perfumes of Arabia by Pete Hambly
  • S7  E51 (4 Oct 05) : Days of Repentance by Chris Jury
  • S7  E52 (11 Oct 05) : Doing The Right Thing by Peter Jukes


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7.34 Patience – 7/6/05

Episode Summary

‘Patience’ : Zubin and Jess are now a couple and arrive at work together. Zubin wants to resign but Jess convinces him to stay and clear his name – he belongs with her. After Jess gets out the car, Zubin’s car is smashed from behind by another car. The driver, Andy, has an arterial bleed to his arm.

The new registrar Lola joins. Ric is angry to see her – she is his ex wife! Lola takes charge of the ward and Connie is not amused. Zubin fills Lola in on the Dominic Fryer incident and his relationship with Jess. Lola tries to talk Ric into defending Zubin at the board meeting but he refuses to budge. Later, Connie tells Lola she does not like her management style but Lola puts Connie in her place.

Zubin and Ric operate together and Ric is impressed by Zubin’s professionalism. Zubin meets with the board and gives his evidence. Ric bursts in at the last minute saying he wants to speak. Connie tells him the meeting has been adjourned but Michael lets Ric give his evidence. Ric gives a glowing appraisal of Zubin’s character. Connie tells the board to disregard Ric’s comments but Michael overrules her. Zubin is told the board have decided to keep his services and he will have no mark against his name. Zubin is overjoyed but Connie is furious. She asks why Michael did not back her up when they were meant to be calling for Zubin’s resignation. Michael says that everything changed when Ric was no longer on side and that he cannot afford to have disgruntled staff.

Jess finds the news out and thanks Ric. He tells her he has resigned and has decided to go and work in Ghana with his brother.

A serious coach crash has left many injured. The driver, Andy, who drove into Zubin seems agitated and he is discovered to have been the coach driver of the accident. Andy refuses treatment, feeling to blame for the crash. Lola tells him he has been suffering blackouts due to an infection in his brain – not from his previous arm injury, persuading him to have treatment.

Sisters Karen and Ruth are brought in from the coach crash. Karen is a heroin addict and was on the way to rehab when the accident happened. During the staff’s scuffle with Andy, a needle containing morphine drops by her feet and she decides to use it, angering her sister. Ruth – who’s injury is a piece of metal stuck in her neck – suddenly takes a turn for the worst and the team are unable to save her.

A couple, pregnant Justine and her boyfriend Danny are also involved in the crash. Owen and Mickie treat Justine who has extensive burns – Carlos is also called to take a look at her. However, Owen, who is still coming to terms with Diane’s miscarriage, tells her she will not survive and advises her to have a caesarean to save her baby. But her partner is unconscious on the ward and she is desperate to see him. Owen delivers her baby, and the couple snatch a few minutes with their child before she slips away.

Written by by Clive Dawson


* Andy – arterial bleed to arm and brain infection.

* Justine – has caesarean before dying from extensive burns.

* Danny – injured in coach crash.

* Karen – heroin addict injured in crash.

* Ruth – collarbone injury – piece of metal stuck through neck. Dies.

Notable Facts

* Connie pulls a practical joke on Matt when he makes a comment about the poor decorating work at the hospital. She pretends that her brother did it, making him speechless.

* Connie finds Ric sleeping in one of the cubicle beds after working a double shift.

* Lola calls Ric ‘Eric’.

* Lola says him and Ric were ‘Holby’s answer to Burton and Taylor.’ Ric, however was less than complementary about Lola calling her ‘Atilla the Hen’.

* Lola called Dean ‘Dr Beck’ and Matt ‘Dr Call’ during the emergency.

* Lola’s view on Jess and Zubin’s relationship, ‘You and Zubin make an.. interesting couple!’

* When Ric appears before the board he starts ‘Zubin Khan is the finest anesthetist I have ever worked with’

* Ric’s brother is called Kumi.

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7.13 Actions Speak Louder – 11/1/05

Episode Summary

Jess is still reeling from the news that Zubin is the father of her baby. She does not want an abortion but tells Mickie she feels it is the only option open to her. Sean tries to talk to her and tells her if will support her but she avoids him throughout the day. Ric is still angry with Jess after her revelation last week but Diane and Sean persuade him that she had his best interests at heart. Later, Ric apologises to Jess and tells her he wants to spend more time with her. However, he is angry when Jess interferes in a patients love life. Jess tells him she needs to talk to him about something but he says he is not interested. At the end of his shift Sean finds Jess outside on a bench. She tells him she tried to go for an abortion but could not go through with it after her last experience two years ago. She tells Sean that she is not ready to be a mother and she will have to go ahead with the termination. Sean begs her not to and tells her to move in with him. He says that he was fostered from the age of three and wants to have a real family and be a father to her baby. They hug and Sean promises he will be there for her.

The canteen staff are on strike in protest at Will’s behaviour last week. Connie tells Will she has arranged a meeting to resolve the situation. Will tries to talk to Maureen, the cashier he offended but they remain at odds with each other. Later, the matter is still unresolved when Will refuses to apologise in the meeting. Connie ends the discussion by saying she will take the matter to a higher level. Will examines a patient called Brian who quizzes Will on the strike and his opinions of the hospital. Brian discharges himself before Will can look at his test results. When he sees Brian has a life threatening condition he goes to find him outside and tells him he needs emergency surgery. Connie tells Will she has had a call from the Holby Gazette – Brian is a journalist who has written a front page article about Will’s opinions. When Brian comes round he is grateful to Will for saving his life. He apologises for writing the story and guarantees Will his right to reply. Will tells Connie but she says he cannot get involved and must keep a dignified silence – she tells him she is suspended.

Mubbs is still looking after Rosie’s children whilst she is in hospital. She tells Owen she misses the girls and wants to go home. Owen says she is not ready yet but Mubbs convinces him by saying he will stay in Rosie’s spare room and bring her straight back in if she is unwell. As they are walking to the car Rosie begins to bleed and collapses in agony. Owen examines her, the scan shows the baby is a boy. Rosie tells Owen that she regrets missing Jim’s funeral and that she will go and pay her respects to him later – without Mubbs. Rosie starts to bleed again and Owen is forced to perform an emergency caesarean. The baby is put in an incubator with Rosie and Mubbs by his side. He is weak and Owen tells them that he cannot breathe without the ventilator – he passes away. Rosie tells Mubbs that she does not love him anymore – her feelings changed when Jim died. Mubbs is shocked but Rosie says that Jim showed her she deserved more. She says that Mubbs is second best and she cannot be around him as there is a chance she could take him back. Rosie says she never wants to see him again and she will arrange a transfer to another hospital. An angry Mubbs asks Owen why he did not tell him about Jim. Owen says he did not want to get involved as Rosie and Mubbs are both his friends. Mubbs is devastated.

HC Past Series HC Series HC Series 7 HOLBY CITY

7.45 The Innocents (Part Two) – 23/8/05

Episode Summary

Lisa informs Tricia of Frank’s revelation in the night but Tricia laughs it off. Later Lisa finds Tricia crying and she admits to her that Frank raped her years ago. Meanwhile Frank is determined to tell Chrissie the truth, but Tricia manages to hold him off for a while by demanding a paternity test before he says anything. However Frank’s condition worsens and Tricia is asked to approach him about his wishes on resuscitation, as Mark and Chrissie are both too overwhelmed. As she argues with Frank about the past, he loses consciousness. Tricia lies, saying that he did not want to be resuscitated, and Frank dies. Chrissie is upset over Frank’s death and is upset with Tricia, little does she know that Tricia has just doctered his forms with ‘DNR’. Elsewhere, Connie tells Michael she has discovered Frank had MRSA. Michael wants to cover it up and put septicemia on the death certificate – Connie goes along with him, as she doesn’t want to lose the hospitals’ reputation.

Tensions run high as Kirsty continues her claim about Owen. But Diane does some detective work and uncovers Kirsty’s lies – she bursts into the hearing and tells Connie and Michael that Kirsty has retracted her statement.

16 year old Jen is brought in with pv bleeding after a fall. She doesn’t realise she is 30 weeks pregnant and is about to go into labour. Jen is shocked and scared as her own mother died in childbirth, and once Mickie delivers her baby girl, she says she doesn’t want to see her. Mickie is adamant that Jen will change her mind, but Mubbs warns her not to get too involved and social services should be called. Jen later has a hematoma and is taken to theatre to remove her spleen. When she comes to, Mickie persuades her into seeing her baby and Jen decides to keep her.


* Frank Williams – dies of MRSA.

* Kirsty Winton – hit by ambulance.

* Jen – early labour – has baby girl. Also suffers ruptured spleen.

Notable Facts

* Frank Mills plays Frank Williams.

* Natalie Robb plays Kirsty Winton.

* Connie explained Sean’s sharp exit from the show – he was transferred to St James.


HC Past Series HC Series HC Series 7 HOLBY CITY

7.24 Be Careful What you Wish – 29/3/05

Episode Summary

A elderly man, Des, is brought in after an argument with his neighbours leads to a gardening fork going through his thigh. Also suffering from chest pain, Will and Connie operate on him.

Meanwhile his neighbours who have come in with Des, have problems of their own when the woman, Jan, who is heavily pregnant goes into labour. Mubbs and Mickie are concerned about the health of the baby and after a complicated delivery she has a baby boy. When they are first warned that their baby could be brain damaged, Jan is angry at her husband’s negative reaction and at first pushes him away when their baby is eventually given a clear bill of health.

Jess and Sean go for a routine scan. Mubbs comments that the baby is 22 weeks but Sean insists it is only 18 weeks. Later Sean warns Mubbs not to tell anyone how far gone she is. Later, Jess begins to bleed and is rushed into maternity. She is taken into surgery to stop her losing the baby. During the procedure, Jess has an allergic reaction to an antibiotic but Zubin saves her. Whilst operating, Mubbs reveals that she is 22 weeks pregnant – Zubin looks shocked. When she awakes Jess tells Zubin that the baby is not Sean’s – she lied thinking Zubin would make her have a termination. Jess says Sean will make a good father. Zubin agrees that he will – but not to this baby.

Mubbs avoids Donna but she goes out of her way to ask him for a drink that evening. He makes it clear that their night together was fun, but a one-off. Donna hides her disappointment.

Mark tells Chrissie that he wants to ask Tricia out, she questions whether this is a good idea.

Mickie asks Jodie for the truth about her and Will. Jodie reveals that they were in the rapid response team in Sierra Leone together. Will oversaw a mission which resulted in Jodie being wounded. Will then botched her operation, leaving her with permanent health problems. Will apologises to Jodie, but she is too embittered to listen. Jodie tells Mickie that Will’s father intervened to get him off the hook and to get him decorated. Will tells her that he did not want the medal but had to take it. A tearful Will goes into his office to write his resignation. Chrissie comes in and convinces him that he must stay – she rips the letter up. Will leaves for the day in good spirits after saving patient Des’ life.

Elsewhere, Jodie has gone missing. Mickie spies her in the car park and rushes over. Jodie gets into her car – Mickie tries to stop her but she speeds off and drives her car straight at Will – crashing into scaffolding. The debris covers both Will and the car – Mickie looks on helpless. Can they make it out alive?


* Jodie Maxwell – still on the wards with lung damage.

* Jan Thomas – complicated delivery – has a baby boy.

* Des Mitchum – thigh injury and chest pains.

Notable Facts

* Catherine Walker plays Jodie Maxwell.

* Tricia reveals she once dated someone called Darren Moss.

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7.03 Win Some, Lose Some – 2/11/04

S7 E3 (2 Nov 04) : Win Some, Lose Some by Andrew Holden

Episode Summary

Jess decides to go to Paris to talk to Zubin, but he is angry that she has come and tells her to go home. Jess makes him talk to her, saying he should stop putting his dead wife on a pedestal, but an enraged Zubin tells her she is a silly little girl. When Jess runs off and a man snatches her bag, Zubin tries to give chase but the thief gets away. Zubin takes Jess back to his hotel to look after her and, that evening, they go to see the Eiffel Tower. Zubin tells her he wants her and they kiss.

Will tries to rush through his patients so that he can get home to his wife and son, but when one of them dies after an operation, he has to stay behind to explain to the father what happened. Later, Connie finds Will sitting alone in the corridor and tells him that when he is at work, the hospital is his priority.

Ric has a cancer patient who needs an operation which he thinks is too risky to carry out, but the patient tells Ric that he knows a French surgeon who is willing to do the procedure in Paris. The man offers to pay Ric to take him to Paris, and Ric relents and tells Donna she will be coming with them. That night, in Paris, Ric feels guilty about taking the man’s money and leaving him and decides to gamble. He loses all his money – and Donna’s.

Notable Facts

* Maroon 5 ‘She Will Be Loved’ plays in Zubin’s hotel room.

* Keane ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ plays at the end of the episode, when Zubin and Jess kiss.

HC Past Series HC Series HC Series 7 HOLBY CITY

7.35 Pleasant Surprises – 14/6/05

Episode Summary

‘Pleasant Surprises’ : Tricia is shocked to see Carlos and has to treat a burns patient, Nita, with him. Nita has suspected her husband of pouring acid on her face for having an affair with her boss, Mark. It is later discovered that Mark’s wife was the culprit.

Carlos tries to tell Tricia he is pleased she has got the all clear but Tricia is not interested. Chrissie warns Carlos to stay away from Tricia – he has caused her enough hurt. Carlos sees Mark and Tricia together and assumes that Mark is her new boyfriend. Carlos apologises to Tricia for his behaviour and asks her if she would like to have reconstructive surgery on her breast. Tricia is furious and tells him she wants nothing from him.

Mark speaks to Carlos and tells him he put Tricia through hell. Carlos realises that Mark is Tricia’s ex and reminds him that he walked out on her. The two men argue and Chrissie is forced to prise them apart. Outside, Tricia and Carlos speak. Tricia says that she loved Carlos so much that when he left she had almost wished the cancer would finish her off. Carlos confesses that he asked for his patient to be treated at Holby so he could see her again. He begs to make amends and says he will do the reconstructive surgery for her, Tricia walks off in tears. Later, Tricia tells Carlos that she will go ahead with the surgery but that she wants to pay for it – she does not to feel she owes him anything.

Donna has got a part time job as a tequila girl in a bar. Mubbs was out drinking late night again and is hungover. Mickie invites him to go to Donna’s bar after work but he declines as he is not feeling well.Mubbs treats a couple who are going through their last chance at IVF. Mubbs has a heart to heart with the husband Dave. Later Dave faints and he is diagnosed with a thyroid condition, but his wife, Trudy, seems more concerned about it affecting her IVF. The couple argue but later make up and decide to put having a family on hold.

Throughout the day, Mubbs’s condition worsens but he thinks he has indigestion. Suddenly, Mubbs collapses, breathless and dizzy. After examination, Sean tells him he has had a heart attack. Mubbs is shocked and scared – his wild lifestyle has finally caught up with him.

Michael tells Connie the board have accepted her proposal, she is pleased and calls a team meeting to inform everyone of the changes. Connie asks Lola to apply for the critical care Consultant position, Lola is charmed and says she will put an application in. At the team meeting Connie says that she is expanding Darwin. Chrissie, Donna and the other nurses are angry when they realise this means that the Keller ward will be downsized and people may lose their jobs.

Lola treats patient, Maddie. Lola doesn’t understand why her medicine has failed to improve her condition – Connie thinks the only alternative is to operate. At the last minute, Lola stops the operation going ahead after discovering she has failed to take her pills. Maddie has been stressing over her husband’s ill heath. Lola says they should bring her husband in, where he dies with Maddie by his side. Donna decides to stay and be with Maddie instead of her do her bar shift.

Written by by Simon Ashford


* Nita Chopra – severe acid burns to face.

* Trudy Stainford – IVF treatment.

* Dave Stainford – hypothyroidism.

* Maddie Clarke – failed to take pills causing heartburn and sickness.

* Maddie’s husband – dies of pancreatic cancer.

Notable Facts

* On seeing Mubbs suffering a hangover, Mickie says ‘You might want to brush your teeth before you see your patient!’

* Lola calls Connie ‘Chief’.

* Tricia said her and Chrissie can’t help but love bad men ‘Us Williams’ girls – gluttons for punishment.’

* Connie’s plans are to expand Darwin ward, introduce Cardiothoracis and downsize Kellar ward.

* After Lola stops Maddie’s operation, Connie tells her ‘We are a team but someone’s got to be in charge’ implying she isn’t happy of Lola’s brash assertiveness.

* Agreeing to the operation, Tricia tells Carlos she will pay for it, ‘I don’t want to feel like I owe you anything and I don’t want you to think you do.’


HC Past Series HC Series HC Series 7 HOLBY CITY

7.14 Overload – 18/1/05

Episode Summary

Tricia brings Maggie into Holby in an ambulance. Maggie berates her for not allowing her to die at home.

Will tries to sneak into Holby through the picket line wearing a disguise. He bumps into Sean and Jess who are carrying bags of Jess’s things as she is planning to move into Sean’s after work. Throughout the day Sean tries his hardest to impress Ric while they are working together.

While treating Maggie, Connie and Will argue. Connie orders Will to her office, she tells him if he wants to keep his job he must apologise to the striking canteen workers. Will apologises to the canteen staff and they call off the strike. They mock him because of the newspaper reports of his aristocratic title, as does Connie when he informs her he has ended the strike.

Mickie tries to warn Jess that lying to Sean and pretending the baby is his will get her into trouble – Jess warns her to mind her own business.

Connie tells Maggie that the scans show the cancer has spread. Maggie begs Tricia to take her home to die but Tricia says she is too ill and begs her to take the drugs on offer at which point Maggie dies. Connie refuses to bring her back to life as Tricia begs her. Connie relents and as Chrissie and Tricia help, they all bring Maggie back to life.

Maggie begs Tricia to take her home to die but Tricia cannot, however, Tricia does agree to take her outside. Connie catches them and Tricia thinks she is going to berate them, but she gives them a bottle of champagne and watches on sadly.

Throughout the day Mubbs is in a mood over Rosie. He is working on a young couple whose baby is born early and disabled, this reminds him of Rosie and the baby. Mickie tries to comfort him, but he is not in the mood for company.

Donna tells Mickie that she has set her up a blind date for her with one of her lesbian friends. Mickie is not impressed and tells her she will set up her own dates.

Tricia says an emotional goodbye to Maggie who is unconscious as Chrissie has given her morphine. Maggie opens her eyes looks at Tricia and dies.

Jess looks increasingly disturbed every time Sean is nice to her or mentions the baby. Later Jess confesses to Donna that the baby is Zubin’s and she plans to come clean to Sean and her father Ric. Just as she is telling Ric, Connie stops them, and introduces them to the new head of anaesthetics – Zubin!

HC Past Series HC Series HC Series 7 HOLBY CITY

7.46 Thinking Outside the Box – 30/8/05

Episode Summary

Chrissie questions Frank’s cause of death as septicemia which is listed on the death certificate. After investigating, she is shocked to discover that Frank had MRSA. She confronts Connie. Michael tries to defuse the situation by deciding to call an emergency board meeting. Connie is not happy about the cover up but asks Michael to stand by her like she did for him. But at the meeting Michael betrays Connie and calls for her resignation. Connie gets more than she bargained for when she later finds Michael kissing Chrissie in her office – in typical Connie-style, she walks in and back out the office to collect her keys, without saying a word to the fumbling pair.

Tricia is struggling with keeping her dark secret and tells Lisa she no longer wants the paternity test as she wants the matter buried with Frank. As well as us seeing a conversation between Tricia and the ghost of Frank, one of Frank’s old friends makes it clear to Tricia he knows the truth but says he will keep it to himself. Frank’s funeral, in the afternoon, fails to bring the Williams family closer together and Mark storms off, losing his temper with Tricia when she pulls faces during a reading and when she later tells him ‘I hope he rots!’.

Jess is back at work and has baby Paris in a creche. Zubin urges her to stay at home longer, but she is adamant at returning to her job. Jess treats a patient, Joyce, who has collapsed with breathing difficulties. Joyce has been looking after her wheelchairbound friend, Eleanor. As she tries to discharge herself, she collapses – Jess notices Eleanor is able to walk without the wheelchair! Confronting her, she admits she was lonely so hadn’t told Joyce she had fully recovered. Caught up in the case, Jess forgets to pick up Paris, leaving Zubin to be called out of theatre to collect him. He is furious at Jess. Lola realises she is still struggling with motherhood and advises her to talk to Zubin.

Elsewhere, Mubbs is put out when he discovers Owen has arranged a consultant from St James, Andy, to help out in his absence. They get off to a bad start but as they treat patient, Eve, they come to respect eachother and he asks Mubbs to consider a post at his new clinic. Eve, is 28 weeks pregnant, and they discover her baby is anaemic. They decide a transfusion for her baby is needed, but after the procedure her condition worsens and they give her a c-section. They deliver a baby girl, but Eve suffers a bleed. Mubbs is slightly panicked, but refuses Andy’s suggestion at a hysterectomy and manages to save Eve.

Clairvoyant Jimmy is brought in with leg and rib injuries after falling from his roof. Jimmy tries to tell Tricia and Mark about Frank. Jimmy has also been suffering dizzy spells but puts it down to his psychic abilities. Connie tells him that he infact needs a pacemaker fitted. During the operation, Jimmy has an out of body experience but is saved.


* Jimmy Chapman – falls from roof and suffers leg injury and fractures rib. Also has pacemaker fitted when they discover his heart problems.

* Eve Stoddart – c-section to deliver baby girl. Suffers complications.

* Joyce Harris – breathing difficulties.

Notable Facts

* Frank Mills plays Frank Williams.

* Ace Bhatti plays Andy Fishman.

* Jane Lowe plays Joyce Harris.

* Connie was not happy at having to cover up the MRSA scandal, ‘I hope this doesn’t come back to haunt us,’ she says shortly before being forced to resign.

* Clairvoyant Jimmy was unsure at having a pacemaker fitted. Connie tells him ‘You’ll be visiting the other side on a permenant basis if you don’t have the pacemaker fitted!’

* Before the board meeting Connie tells Michael ‘I stood by you – I expect you to stand by me!’


HC Past Series HC Series HC Series 7 HOLBY CITY

7.25 Shock to the Heart – 5/4/05

S7 E25 (5 Apr 05) : Shock to the Heart by Len Collin

Episode Summary

Will is left impaled on a pole and trapped underneath the scaffolding and debris after Jodie crashed into him. To make matter worse, another man, Dermot is impaled by the same pole, trapped under Will. Jodie gets out of the car and runs off. Connie and Mickie come to Will’s assistance, Connie tries to reassure Will that he is going to be fine. The paramedics are called and Comfort arrives at the scene. The scaffolding is dangerously unstable and could come crashing down on everyone at any minute. Will tells Connie he knows he is dying and that Jodie drove into him deliberately. Jodie sneaks into a laundry room and calls Mickie – leaving a message on her mobile saying she is injured and needs help. Comfort tells Connie that in order to treat Dermot they must separate him from Will – Connie refuses knowing that this could kill Will. The police tell Connie that Jodie was the driver of the car and that witnesses say that it was not accidental. Connie tells them that she is ill and cannot have gone far and that Mickie may know where she is. The fire-fighters move Will and Dermot together – they are still both impaled by the pole. Will and Dermot are taken into Darwin theatre. Connie manages to separate Dermot from the pole, Ric takes Dermot onto Keller wing to operate on him. Connie fights to save Will – tensions run high as they take him off bypass and see if he can sustain himself. Everyone breathes a huge sigh of relief when he can. When Will comes round he thanks Connie for saving his life, but his condition suddenly worsens. Connie is forced to open up his chest there on the bed and delve in to find the bleed. Connie does everything in her power to save him, but she is unable to help him recover a second time.

Mickie checks her phone and sees that Jodie has called. She runs off to find her, leaving Connie and Comfort to treat Will. Jodie tells Mickie that she did not drive at Will on purpose, she lost consciousness and her foot slipped. Mickie wants to go to the police but Jodie says that they will arrest her and will not believe it was an accident. Mickie warns her that she could die without medical assistance – she thinks Jodie’s lung is collapsing. Jodie convinces her to go and steal supplies to treat her. Mickie goes to take the necessary supplies, but a policeman stops her and asks if she has seen Jodie – Mickie covers for her. He tells her that witnesses say she deliberately drove at Will. Jodie talks Mickie through the procedure on her. Jodie swears that she accidentally drove into Will and tells Mickie she needs time to think about what to say to the police. She asks Mickie to borrow a car and drive her to another hospital so she has time to think. Mickie says she will try and borrow Lisa’s car. In the car park Mickie hears about Will’s death which makes her realise she cannot go through with this. She takes the policeman down to Jodie and she is arrested.

Jess is still recovering from her operation. Sean comes to see her with some news – he asks Jess to marry him. Zubin enters and Jess tells her that Sean has proposed. Later, Zubin comes to see Jess and warns her she is making a mistake. He tells her he wants to take care of her. Jess’s face lights up – thinking he wants to be with her. Zubin says he can give her a car and a house and financial security. Jess is furious, realising he just wants to give her money. She says she refuses to be his dirty secret and that she has given up waiting for him.

Dermot, who was involved in the accident with Will, has wife, Sandra, who is on the wards having had major surgery. Mark decides she should be told of his condition, against Lisa’s opinions. Sandra makes a run from the ward to go see him, but collapses on the stairwell. Mark, being the doting nurse, takes her up to see him after his operation.


* Will Curtis – dies from his hit-and-run injuries.

* Dermot Benson – abdomen injuries when scaffolding pole goes through him.

* Sandra Benson – diabetic who has had surgery for stomach problems.

Notable Facts

* CASUALTY’s paramedic Comfort appears in this episode.

* When Will told Connie he was going to die, Connie said ‘You’re not going anywhere till I say so Mr Curtis!’

* Will’s time of death is called at 3.15


HC Past Series HC Series HC Series 7 HOLBY CITY

7.04 Braver Soul Than I – 9/11/04

S7 E4 (9 Nov 04) : Braver Soul Than I by Adrian Pagan

Episode Summary

Jess wakes up in Zubin’s hotel room after spending the night with him, as the medical drama continues. At Zubin’s second interview, he is offered the job but is unsure whether to accept it. However, Jess later tells him she will look for a job in Paris and they can live there together.

Having lost all their money, Ric and Donna wake up together in bed – sleeping head to toe. Later, Ric goes to find Zubin and admits that he’s been gambling. Ric says that Jess must never find out – he has already lost Leo and cannot risk losing her. This leads Zubin to have a heart to heart with Jess; he tells her that their relationship could never work because of Ric. He has decided to accept the job and stay in Paris – alone.

Back in Holby, Rosie treats a patient who has received IVF treatment and tells Mubbs that she is considering the idea.

Meanwhile, Carlos tells Tricia he will pay for her to get the lump removed at the Hadlington that day. She goes ahead with it and Diane and Carlos assist on the operation. But when the surgeon finds a second lump, he tells her she will need a mastectomy.

Notable Facts

* Shaheen Khan plays Varsha Persaud.

* Samantha Beckinsale plays Maggie Thompson.

HC Past Series HC Series HC Series 7 HOLBY CITY

7.36 If It Ain’t Broke – 21/06/05

Episode Summary

‘If It Ain’t Broke’ : Connie’s SuperDarwin ward opens, but some of the staff aren’t pleased.

Tricia comes in for her breast operation, she is flustered and cannot remember where she is supposed to be. Mark comforts her and goes to find out for her but has to break disappointing news – her operation has been cancelled and will be put off to an indefinite date. Tricia is devastated. Carlos hears of this and tells Tricia he has got her a bed at the Private Haddlington hospital. Tricia says she cannot afford this but Carlos tells her he has called in a favour and is offering his services for free. Tricia says she cannot accept this. Tricia tells Mark about Carlos’s offer and Mark talks her into getting the operation done. At the Haddlington, Carlos prepares to examine Tricia. She is emotional and asks if he can bear to look at her scar as she cannot look at it herself. Carlos reassures and comforts her. As Tricia is on the operating table Carlos tells Tricia he loves her, just then Mark arrives with a bunch of flowers, unaware he has spoilt Carlos’s moment. After the operation Mark waits to see Tricia but Carlos convinces him to go home. Back at work Chrissie is surprised to see Mark and tells him he should fight for Tricia, Mark realises she is right. When she wakes up Carlos tells Tricia he wants her back, but she worries that if the cancer came back he would leave her again but he begs for another chance.

Mubbs is being treated after his heart attack last week. Lola is concerned about him but Mubbs is complacent about his health. He persuades Matt and Dean to smuggle him a bacon sandwich. Lola catches him and is seething. She tells him he is lucky, he does not need an operation but will need to take medication and make lifestyle changes. In denial, Mubbs decides to get changed and go out that night. Lola finds him collapsed on the hospital stairs. Later, Lola tells him he had suffered an anxiety attack. Mubbs is shocked because he thought he was actually dying. Lola warns him that he could very well die if he does not look after himself.

Patient, Rob, comes in with his wife. As he awaits his operation for a new heart, he is put in a ward next to Mubbs. Rob and his wife have done lots of charity work, and he hopes to continue once he has had his operation, however this conflicts with his wife who wants their life back to normal and her wish to start a family.

Heather Walsh is brought in with chest pains. She has a scar on a chest from a previous car accident which killed her husband. Since the accident, she has become an alcoholic leaving her mother to look after her son. They try to persuade her that she needs to get better for the sake of him.

Connie does both Rob and Heather’s operations in quick succession, leaving not much room for error. Zubin is not pleased with her behaviour, though she succeeds in completing both operations successfully.

Written by by Joe Ainsworth


* Rob Johnson – new heart operaton.

* Heather Walsh – coronary heart bypass.

* Mubbs – recovering from heart attack.

Notable Facts

* Matt and Dean are aggrevating Mubbs. ‘Just a small prick’ Matt says as he gives him an injection. ‘Or two!’ Mubbs adds.

* Disappointed to learn of her cancelled operation, Tricia says ‘This operation was meant to be day one of the rest of my life.’

* Mark failed to hide his contempt for Carlos, ‘Zorro to the rescue’ he said of him sarcastically, and later on says ‘He really fancies himself as a superhero!’


HC Past Series HC Series HC Series 7 HOLBY CITY

7.15 War and Peace – 25/5/05

Episode Summary

Sean talks to Jess about the baby. She warns him to keep his voice down as she does not want Ric to overhear. Jess asks Zubin why he has returned to Holby. He tells her that the funding in Paris ran out and Connie made him an offer to return. He apologises to her about Paris and tries to talk to her about it, but Jess does not want to. Zubin goes to see Connie and tells her that he cannot take the job, he needs to move on. Connie slyly lets him know that Jess is moving in with Sean. Zubin is shocked but says nothing. Jess tells Donna she has decided to tell Zubin about the baby, Donna tries to put her off but Jess’s mind is made up. She asks him to go for a drink with her that evening. In the bar Zubin tells Jess he is pleased that she has moved on and is going out with Sean. Jess is shocked, she makes an excuse and walks out.

Zubin says hello to Ric, who ignores him. Later, Ric angrily asks Zubin why he did not tell him the news. Zubin begins to explain, thinking Ric is talking about Jess. Ric then makes it clear that he is talking about Leo’s baby. Zubin is relived but feels bad for lying to Ric and apologises. Ric walks off in anger.

Tricia goes to see Maggie’s body. Afterwards, as she passes her empty bed she breaks down. Chrissie sees and tells her to go home – Tricia refuses. Later, Tricia reveals that she feels guilty about bringing Maggie into the hospital when she wanted to die at home. At the end of her shift Tricia opens up to Chrissie. She says that she feels old and lonely. She mourns her failed marriage and says she wishes things had turned out differently.

Mubbs talks to Mickie about their kiss last week. He asks her to go for a drink that night and she accepts. Donna reminds Mickie she is gay and should not be going out with Mubbs. Mickie decides to go out to a gay bar with Donna that night. She tells Mubbs she is now going out with Donna but he invites himself. Mickie persuades Will to come too so that Mubbs will not get the wrong idea. At the gay bar Donna is angry that Mickie has brought the two men – she has brought her lesbian friend Chelsea who she wants to set Mickie up with. Mubbs is shocked to find out he is in a gay bar. When he sees Chelsea talking to Mickie he puts his arm round her protectively and says ‘she is with me’ – Chelsea walks off. A frustrated Mickie tells Mubbs the kiss was a mistake and she is not attracted to him – he storms off. Will comes over and wonders why they chose this bar. Mickie tells him she is gay but asks him to keep it a secret, Will agrees.

Maude, an eldery woman who has been burning leaves in her garden arrives. She is admitted with her neighbour Josif, both suffering from smoke inhalation. The two bicker constantly and clearly do not get along. However, when Josif refuses to have a life saving operation, she talks him round and the two become friends.

Notable Facts

* Mona Hammond plays Maude.

HC Past Series HC Series HC Series 7 HOLBY CITY

7.47 View from the Side Line – 6/9/05

Episode Summary

Early on in the shift, Michael takes Chrissie aside and unconvincingly says they should forget what happened before. Later he asks a shocked Lisa to step down as clinical matron over the MRSA incident and offers the position to Chrissie – they then kiss again.

Elsewhere, Mubbs wakes up in Andy’s bed after a drunken night out. He’s worried as he can’t remember much about the night before. Mubbs tries to charm Andy into giving him the consultant job by flirting with him, but he’s dismayed when Andy sees through his facade. Mubbs and Lisa drown their sorrows together and Mubbs invites himself back to Lisa’s flat.

Chrissie and Mark are both giving Tricia the cold shoulder after recent events – Mark returns her house keys and any chance at rekindling their romance is over. Lisa tells Tricia it was too late to cancel the paternity test results. Lisa persuades her to find out the truth. Tricia opens the results and pretends to Lisa that everything is fine and Mark is Chrissie’s dad, but when Lisa leaves the room – Tricia’s face turns to horror as we are shown that it is Frank who is infact the real father.

A man, Jed, is brought in with heart palpitations. He is found to suffer a genetic condition called HOCM, which can also affect his children. Jed reveals he has a son but disappeared from his family a long time ago, faking his own death. Tricia persuades him to let them bring his son, Jamie, in for tests, if they make sure he doesn’t know he is there. Jamie is at first confused when he is asked to come in. But after a fire alarm – Jamie comes face to face with his father. Although tests show he does not have the condition, it seems their relationship cannot be salvaged either.

Pregnant Claire, who is training to be a nun, is brought in with abdomen pains. Sister Julie comes to visit her and is shocked at the news and says this will ruin her chances at becoming a nun. Claire is upset by this and doesn’t want to keep the baby – but Julie tells her she now has a new duty. Claire has an ovarian cyst causing her pain and they end up giving her a c-section, delivering a baby girl.

A patient, Dave, is brought in after having a lump removed. Lisa finds him smoking in the toilets which has caused the fire alarm.


* Jed Ronson – HOCM condition. Has corrective surgery.

* Jamie Ronson – brought in for tests.

* Clare Given – ovarian cyst. C-Section to deliver baby.

* Dave Rudge – lump removed.

Notable Facts

* Ace Bhatti plays Andy Fishman.

* Donna says to Mickie ‘Never though they’d get rid of the old bat that quickly!’ referring to Connie’s resignation, unaware she was in ear-shot. Connie retorts ‘Sad to disappoint but the old bat has to work out her notice!’

* Donna says of Andy ‘He can come for dinner and stay for breakfast!’ – Mickie tells her he’s gay.

* Mickie warns Mubbs for playing games with Andy ‘What’s next Mubbs – gay pride?’

* Poorly attempting to console Lisa after her demotion, Donna says ‘You did let the power go to your head though.’

* Fed up after her demotion, Lisa is knocking back drinks in the bar ‘I’m fed up of being sensible Lisa!’

* Mark gives Tricia back her keys adding ‘It was worth a try wasn’t it?’