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  • 19.57 Kingdom Come – 7/11/17

    ‘Kingdom Come’ : Hanssen faces a desperate struggle for Holby’s survival, as the prospect of a merger looms on the horizon. All hope is not...

  • 19.45 Calm Before the Storm – 15/8/17

    ‘Calm Before the Storm’ : Guy requests Oliver’s help with a patient, hoping to foster support for a new research proposal. Sacha’s rabbi is taken...

  • 19.39 Keeping the Faith – 4/7/17

    ‘Keeping the Faith’ : A grieving Morven won’t accept the circumstances of a close tragedy and will stop at nothing to get the truth. Meanwhile,...

  • 19.38 Paper Wishes – 27/6/17

    ‘Paper Wishes’ : Jac buries herself in work, determined to save the life of a scared and fatalistic patient, while Sacha is forced to confront...

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