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Cas Character

Terence ‘T.C.’ Cockleton

Played by Peter England


S22 E4 ‘No End of Blame’ –

Job Title


First Words

TC : (Nadia and Kelsey try to wake TC up) Oh what?

Nadia : Are you ill?

TC : No no, it just got so late last ngiht, I decided not to go home.


TC is a bit of rogue, and very ambitious. He really wants to be a ‘somebody’, and comes across as a real know-it-all. As receptionist he has one of the lower positions, but ranks himself much higher and sees his job as a merely a stop-gap to something better. He’s gobby and a bit of awide-boy, but he is also full of energy and really positive. He means well, and just wants to be loved.

Memorable Moments

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