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Cas Character

Tom Harvey

Played by Kieran Forsyth


S15 E13 – S15 E36

Job Title


First Words

Tom: Couldn’t keep him systolic apparently he crashed on the table

Patrick: Yeah well did you get him back?

Tom: Course, but it was touch and go for a while.

Patrick: Nice one.


We first see Tom in S15 E13 when helping out in A&E in the well-teddy clinic, it is assumed that he has already been working in the hospital for a while as everybody seems to know who he is. In S15 E15, Holly invites Tom out to a nightclub with the rest of the team, and he goes along, only to see Barney get into a fight with a guy who he saw spiking Chloe’s drink. In S15 E18 Holly receives a birthday card, who she thinks is from Patrick as he is the only one who knows her birthday is on Christmas day, but when she thanks him, he says he doesn’t do cards, this is the first of many gifts she receives from a “secret admirer”. In S15 E20, Holly is moving house and Tom offers to help her out, but she says she thinks she’s got it sorted but she’ll let him know if she’s stuck. Later she gets a book of Shakespearean sonnets which Patrick later teases her about. In S15 E24, Tom gets quite involved with the tension between Holly and Patrick when Patrick spends the whole day flirting with his intern, but she later gets a teddy bear with the note “Now you won’t have to be alone at night”, Holly says to Colette that the whole thing is starting to get a bit weird, and she bins the teddy bear. Later Tom enters the locker room asking after Holly, and Patrick tells him she’s going out for a drink with [ID 304]Dan[/ID], at the end of the episode Holly finds the thrown away teddy tucked under her windscreen wiper. In S15 E25, Tom is out in the ambulance with Finn and Josh and talks about his love life, how he reveals how difficult he finds it to approach women, but is much easier with them when he gets to know them. He also learns about how the paramedics work, learning about how Josh’s family died in a fire. In S15 E26, Holly finds a rose taped to her letterbox on her way to work and starts to get a little freaked out, she later tells Colette that she thinks someone might have been in her house. Later on in the episode, she discovers another rose taped to her locker, with the note “You can break you can shatter the vase if you will, but the scent of the roses will hang round it still”, to which Patrick tells her she should take very seriously. Tom is around while all this is happening and watches from a distance, appearing not to be too bothered by what’s going on, however in S15 E27, Holly receives her first phone call from home, who first thinks it is Patrick calling, they ask Holly if she slept well, she dials 1471, but the number was withheld. She is about to get into her car when she discovers a rose inside it and decides to walk to work instead. In S15 E28, however, When Holly arrives home she discovers that the house had been cleaned and there were candles lit everywhere around the house and confetti in the bath. Just as she slams the door of the bathroom to escape from it the phone rings, and you can see a silhouette standing outside ringing her, though it is still impossible to identify who it is. In S15 E29, Arriving into work, Holly is given flowers by Dan from her admirer, she immediately throws them in the bin saying she doesn’t want them. When a patient arrests, Tom goes to make a phone call, appearing to call a consultant, but it then cuts to reception, where the phone starts to ring and it is for Holly, he tells her that the colour purple really suits her and she slams the phone down, demanding everyone in reception to tell her who is ringing her. She later discovers that her picture is missing from the staff picture board. Later in the staff room Tom is talking to Holly and assuring her that everything is going to be OK, with Dan and Patrick also in the locker room, Dan tells Tom that Patrick is going to take her home, and Tom says nice one, and then leaves. Later Tom is exiting with the paramedics talking to them about their day, as they walk off, Tom stays by the payphone and pretends to be using the phone, meanwhile while Patrick is getting ready to take Holly home when he discovers his tyres are slashed, when Dan, Holly and Patrick start discussing it, Tom “overhears” and comes over to see if he can help, Patrick and Dan ask him if he could drop her home, he says he’d love to, at which point we see him getting into the car, revealing he has Holly’s staff board picture, he puts it away just as she gets into the car. In S15 E30 we are now aware that Tom is Holly’s secret admirer/stalker. Tom is giving Holly a lift home, and he puts some music in to help her relax – he then asks her if she would like to go to his for a drink, she agrees to and they go to Tom’s house. Holly is admiring everything in his house, and they’re getting on really well – meanwhile Dan is determined to find out the identity of Holly’s stalker, takes the gift card she’d thrown in the bin earlier that day, and goes to the florist it came from – here he finds out that Tom was actually Holly’s stalker all along. He then rushes to Tom’s place and barges in, much to Holly’s annoyance – having been saying to Tom that she thinks Dan might be her stalker. While putting Dan’s jacket away, Tom discovers the gift card and realises Dan knows it was from him – he then spikes Dan’s drink who quickly collapses and they take him downstairs to sleep it off. When Holly starts to become more and more suspicious of Tom’s actions, she goes downstairs to freshen up, and discovers the room where Tom keeps his shrine for Holly – she freaks out and tries to wake up Dan but he’s heavily sedated – so she hides the evidence and tries to call 999 – Tom catches her and she says it’s for Dan, Tom isn’t convinced, but he insists that they enjoy dinner anyway, afterwards Tom becomes more aggressive and forces himself on Holly, at exactly the right time Dan appears and tries to attack him but gets thrown down the stairs, giving Holly enough time to grab the nearest object and hit Tom with it, breaking his jaw bone, and temporarily knocking him out. In S15 E31 we find out that Tom has pressed charges on Holly for assault. In S15 E35 Holly gets called to the car park because her alarm won’t stop going off – she goes out to sort it out and discovers her window’s smashed in, as she goes to take a closer look, she hears a voice that she recognises, and turns around to reveal Tom standing over her, she tries to push him away but he retaliates, causing her to knock her head on her car and fall unconscious, leading into S15 E36, where Tom now has Holly unconscious and tries to find the best place in the hospital to abduct her – he finds a deserted part of the hospital, and chains her to a bed until she wakes up – when she wakes up she realises she has no choice but to go along with him, while Patrick, Dan and Spencer are out looking for her. Tom goes around the outside of the hospital to get things from his car when he passes Duffy’s husband, [ID 282]Andrew[/ID], Andrew recognises him, and Tom pushes him down the step, killing him, in fear of being caught. Tom asks Holly to wear the dress he has provided and to make herself look really nice for him, she pretends to feel unwell – claiming she is concussed, and grabs the opportunity to kick him where it hurts, and throw a chair of the window – grabbing Patrick, Spencer & Dan’s attention – they run up there straight away, while Tom injects Holly with a tranquiliser. The men get up to the room, and Patrick tends to Holly while Dan chases Tom out towards the balcony, where he falls, grabbing Dan’s hand hoping he will save him – Dan can’t hold it, and let’s go, watching Tom fall to his death right by Spencer at the floor outside the hospital.

Memorable Moments

(Profile by Michelle Rawlins)

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