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Two Killed Off in Series Finale Shocker

Series 35 of CASUALTY ended in a bloodbath after two major characters were killed off.

Set on Ethan & Fenisha’s wedding day, both the bride and groom were separately running late for the wedding; Ethan finding out about his personal health diagnosis whilst Fenisha was rushing to the wedding after her ex Matthew agrees to give her lift. After declaring his own love for her, Fenisha rebuffs him and they continue on to the venue. However the car crashes onto a train track. Lev, who witnesses the crash along with Matthew help to get Fenisha out of car before the train hits her but in a tragic turn of events, Lev is hit by another train.

Ethan happens to arrive at the scene, unaware of Fenisha being treated in the ambulance and tends to Lev but they are unable to save him in the hospital. It is only then, Ethan learns Fenisha was also in the accident but by the time he visits her, he learns from Dylan that her injuries are also too much for her to recover.

It’s a sad end for the two characters – actor Uriel Emil, who joined the show in September 2019, played Lev, who had recently come to terms with his sexuality and actress Olivia D’Lima who appeared from February 2020 as Fenisha, was about get married and had a young son with Ethan.

The new series starts next week as we see poor Ethan coming to terms with Fenisha’s s death – the first episode also sees the return of Richard Winsor (Cal), Tony Marshall (Noel) and Charles Dale (Big Mac).

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